Thank You To My Loyal Readers

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of my loyal readers.  The year continues to be successful. I’ve recovered from three surgeries with another on the way. I’ve celebrated my first grandchild’s first birthday. She continues to bring me more happiness than I ever thought I would know. All my children are happy and healthy. I’m also over the moon happy that both my parents are still gracing this earth and that each of my siblings are also happy, healthy and full of life.

Life carries its share of burdens, ups, downs and uncertainties. But if we take the best of each moment then we will have only good things to look back on.

Presently politics of all sorts and the presidential race are moving ahead in full force. Soon after the kids are back at school the holidays will be upon us and we will have a new President. Sooner than you can blink your eye, the winter snow will melt away. Spring will emerge with yet another running of the Boston Marathon. Each city will continue to build homes for all of its new comers.

We have much to celebrate and I’m glad to have you all here.

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Sincerely, Felina Silver Robinson