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Brookline Warns Residents of West Nile Virus – Brookline, MA

A woman in her 90s is hospitalized at this time after contracting the virus in Suffolk County, officials confirmed Monday

7th Case of West Nile Virus Confirmed in Suffolk County

Infected pool found in South Boston this week


Bridgewater mosquitoes collected July 15 test positive


1. One-third of households report water-related illness, survey finds

2. Wyoming is 1st state to reject science standards

3. As Earth Warms, West Nile Spreads

The virus took the U.S. by surprise. Thanks to climate change, it’s here to stay.

4. More Washington Nuclear Weapons Workers To Be Screened For Cancer

5. Ocean medicine hunt: A Wild West beneath the waves?

6. Antibiotic-resistant genes are widespread in nature, study finds

MRSA in 71 environments including oceans and human feces.

7. ENERGY Why Congress Can’t Fix Our Crazy Chemical Safety System

8.  Stillbirths significantly higher in areas devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, new study says


9. Deadly Illness in Nicaragua Baffles Experts

10. Weight gain during pregnancy may protect babies from chemicals

1) Feds Call Bakken Crude Volatile as Quinault Warn Against Oil Rail Transport

National Transportation Safety Board
Federal officials investigate the torched wreckage of a train carrying crude oil from the Bakken shale that exploded outside Casselton, North Dakota, on December 30.

2) ‘Flash Mob’: Arctic Nomads Say Cheese for First Time

Sasha Leahovcenco
A member of one of the indigenous tribes of Chukotka, Russia poses for a photograph for the first time with his girlfriend

3) West Nile Virus Felled Bald Eagles in Utah: Wildlife Experts

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah
More than two dozen bald eagles suffering from tremors and paralysis were brought into the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah during December. Most died. Wildlife experts now say it was due to West Nile virus, most likely contracted from eared grebe carcasses.

4) Large-Scale Reforestation in Indigenous Michoacan, Mexico

5) Professor Breaks Down Sovereignty and Explains its Significance

6) Blues Forward T.J. Oshie to Represent Team USA in Olympics

Associated Press
T.J. Oshie will represent team US Men’s Hockey in the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

7) Jacob Pratt on the Rise: Dancer Turns Entrepreneur and Youth Advocate

Photo by Michael Dubois, DUB Photography —
This photo of Pratt became an internet sensation, and is now available for purchase as a poster (see article for buying info).

8) Can Bitcoin Alleviate Poverty on the Pine Ridge Reservation? Tribe Pursues its Own ‘CryptoCurrency’

BTC Oyate Initiative Project Lead, Payu Harris (left), shares his thoughts on the Project, Bitcoin and how Native communities could benefit through the Bitcoin community.

9) Why We Still Mourn for Wounded Knee

10) Minty LongEarth Joins Huy Board of Advisors to Help Imprisoned Natives