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Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


This morning when I woke up

The sky was bright and cheery

As the moments passed

I heard the winds talking

Gathering up their strength

The sun ran for cover

The sky turned a mystical gray

There was a stillness in the air

Suddenly there was a chill to the air

Things outdoors started to toss about

The rain poured down forcefully

Trees ripped from the ground flying about like lost umbrellas

Landing on houses and cars

Houses are obliterated in seconds

People run for shelter unknowing of their fate

Screams of voices without faces

I close my eyes tightly and cover my ears

My hearts pounding

My bodies shaking

I’m counting the seconds that might be my last

As I start to pray

The warmth of the sun starts to heat upon my face

There’s no longer the sound of the beating wind

Things no longer fly about the sky

I’m sad to say things no longer look the same

Once I bravely open my eyes

Some houses made it

Houses no longer have an address

Houses that are now just a shell

Trees lay flung about like scattered bricks

An oil tanker sits in the river like a soggy pillow

So much lost

Not much will ever be the same

Another clean-up starts

Send your prayers for miracles

and helping hands

Maybe together

We can all begin again

Bye hungry Tornado

Sorry you felt the need to come our way

No injuries reported during tornado

If you like Tornado’s, you’ll love this movie.  A little warning though.  The mouthing doesn’t necessarily match up well with the actual wording.  But the actual storyline and what’s going on in the movie is enjoyable to watch, so I think it will more than make up for the poor dubbing job.  Thanks to Drama Madness for posting the video on YouTube!  Enjoy the Movie.

Roads turned to rivers as storm moves through

Storm uprooted trees, knocked down fence


Tornado warnings issued for Suffolk, Middlesex, Worcester counties

Tornado near Minot, North Dakota on May 26, 2014 injured several people in an oil workers camp and tore apart numerous trailers, officials said

Several states slammed with large hail, heavy rain that prompted handful of water rescues

Lightning rips through the night sky April 3, 2014, behind a replica Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas, as a severe thunderstorm moved through the southern part of Lamar County, bringing high winds, rain and hail.

National Weather Service warns of ‘extreme’ danger

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