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‘Be Kind, Rewind’ looks back on a Leo movie that was unfairly left marooned

Leonardo DiCaprio; Guillaume Canet; Virginie Ledoyen; The Beach

Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Beach.’ The star’s follow-up to ‘Titanic’ was deemed a flop upon its release, but it now seems to be the key film in DiCaprio’s rise to Oscar-nominated “serious” actor. Twentieth Century Fox/Photofest

1. Captain America: Civil War

2. Deadpool – Ryan Reynolds

3. Ultraman

4. Lucifer

5. Now You See Me 2 – Woody Harrelson, Daniel Radcliffe

6. The Legend of Tarzan

7. X-Men: Apocalypse

8. The Revenant

9. Independence Day: Resurgence

10. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice