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Driver crashes into utility pole in Rochester

16 states now using service

Pablo Salcedo killed Jan. 5 in Route 9 crash

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — Police say a high school senior who died in a car crash in Westborough this month was texting at the time.

Eighteen-year-old Pablo Salcedo, a varsity soccer player at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School in Marlborough, was killed Jan. 5 when the minivan he was driving crashed on Route 9.

Police say Salcedo was driving west when he struck some sand-filled barrels, a barrier, and rolled onto its side in the eastbound lane where it hit another vehicle.

That driver was not hurt.

Police tell The Telegram & Gazette the investigation found that Salcedo “was distracted through the use of his cellphone to read and text messages.”

Police say there was no indication that he tried to brake, and they called it a “preventable accident.”

1 dead after movie theater shooting

A 71-year-old former police captain is in custody after allegedly shooting and killing 43-year-old Chad Oulsen and injuring his wife over a texting dispute during a movie. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

By M. Alex Johnson, Staff Writer, NBC News

The retired Tampa police captain accused of gunning down a man texting during a Mark Wahlberg war movie will be arraigned on a second-degree murder charge Tuesday in a Florida court.

Curtis Reeves Jr., 71, is charged with shooting Chad Oulson, 43, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said Monday, after a verbal and physical confrontation.

Chad Oulson was pronounced dead at a hospital, and his wife, Nichole, was treated for a gunshot wound to her hand.

“To have a retired police officer — I don’t know what he was thinking at the time,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told reporters. “I can tell you, anybody, over a cellphone, to take their life, it’s ridiculous.”

Reeves remained in Pasco County jail overnight Monday, and a judge could decide Tuesday whether to set bail.

Officials are crediting an off-duty sheriff’s deputy from neighboring Sumter County for detaining Reeves at the Grove 16 Theatre in Wesley Chapel, north of Tampa. The deputy also secured the weapon, described as a .380-calber handgun, until Pasco authorities arrived, Nocco said.

“He was a true hero in there. He reacted,” said Nocco, who also praised the efforts of two nurses who were in the theater and tried to save Oulson’s life.

Nocco said that when when the first emergency calls came in, his mind immediately turned to recent shootings at schools and movie theaters, an apparent reference to the mass killings at a theater in Aurora, Colo., in July 2012, and at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., just five months later.

“Hearing what we heard, we were prepared for a large incident, but I want to reiterate this was just an isolated incident,” he said.

“This situation over a cellphone use — to escalate that high, I can tell you it’s very scary,” he said. “Or the fact it’s a movie theater or, you know, a place such as a school, where people have a belief that they should be in a movie theater to relax or a school to learn and have it arise to this kind of level.”

Nocco said the tragedy unfolded after Reeves became outraged over something trivial: “somebody texting.”

Reeves and his wife were sitting behind the Oulsons as the preview trailers were rolling just before the showing of “Lone Survivor,” the Mark Wahlberg movie about a failed 2007 Navy Seal raid in Afghanistan, investigators said.

Reeves asked Chad Oulson several times to stop, to no avail, Nocco said. He then left the theater to complain to the theater’s management before returning to his seat, the sheriff said.

Upon his return, “Chad Oulson then starts confronting him verbally, starts saying: ‘Oh, did you go in there and start complaining on me? Did you tell the staff about me?’” Nocco said.

“This verbal altercation starts getting louder and louder. During this altercation, it goes from a verbal to a physical altercation,” he said.

Then, “the suspect, Curtis Reeves, pulled out a gun,” Nocco said.

Only one shot was fired, Nocco said. Nichole Oulson was wounded in the hand when she grabbed her husband as Reeves pulled the trigger, he said.

The theater’s operator, Cobb Theatres, said in a statement that it was “truly heartbroken by this incident” and that it was cooperating with investigators.

Reeves retired as a captain from the Tampa Police Department in 1993, said Laura McElroy, a spokeswoman for the department, adding that Reeves helped set up the department’s first SWAT team.

“We are not aware of any contact with the department since his departure more than 20 years ago,” she said in a statement.

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Right now there are so many things that have made it difficult for the world we live in to be safe.  Air pollution is at an all time high not matter where you are in the world.  Some places have a better handle on its control than others.  China obviously needs a little more help than some other places.  Our military soldiers and I’m sure the majority of them around the world are suffering various ailments due the way dump pits are handled. Our president, Barack Obama, is now asking that new plans be prepared for how climate change will be addressed. All these things are serious and I hope everyone will take them seriously if we are all to survive.  We still have to fight to reduce the rash of increased cases such as Malaria which is now at its highest in 40 years.  Our technology is taking over how we communicate.  This at least is something we can choose to control.  I believe that individuals choose to let technology control them and that if there is a disconnect, it was already there and the technology is just helping couples and/or other individuals hide behind it. As for the article on people who can see in the dark, I would have to totally agree.  Personally, I’ve suffered from migraine’s and have adapted to seeing in the dark, but I suffer night blindness and don’t see well outdoors once night falls. I think most of us adapt to our surroundings once given time.

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