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Enrique Santiago, 20, facing assault charges

Nashua PD

NASHUA, N.H. —A 20-year-old Massachusetts man is facing multiple counts of assault charges for allegedly beating his girlfriend’s 10-week-old son.

Enrique Santiago, 20, was arrested in Lawrence, Mass. this week.

Nashua police were contacted after the infant‘s mother took the baby to a local hospital with bruising on the left side of his face, ear and buttocks.

Doctors said the infant also showed bleeding on the brain, brain swelling, retinal bleeding and fractured ribs, as well as leg and arm fractures.

Doctors said the infant suffered the injuries over the course of several weeks.

The mother told police her boyfriend had been caring for the child while she was at work.

Nashua police said Santiago had assaulted the child earlier in the day by purposely swinging a pillow case, containing an iPad-type tablet, at the child, striking the infant in the face with it.

Police said Santiago was also responsible for causing the other injuries to the child over the course of two months while the child was left in his care.

Police believe Santiago assaulted the child repeatedly during that time, grabbing, squeezing, shaking, striking and slamming him.

Doctors say despite the injuries, the infant is recovering and is expected to survive, but they warn the child may have lasting disabilities.

Santiago is facing multiple counts of first-degree assault. He is being held on $1 million bail.