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1. New Zealand air gets cleaner

2. Worker Illness After Nanomaterial Exposure Examined in First U.S. Case Study on Issue

3. Public Voices Concerns Over WA Birth Defect Increases

At a meeting in Kennewick, the health department asked people to raise concerns about a rare birth defect that officials may not have considered yet. Twenty-three babies were born with anencephaly in Central Washington from Courtney Flatt.

4. Galapagos emergency over stranded cargo ship

Picture taken on May 13, 2014 showing an Ecuadoran freighter which ran aground on May 9, 2014, in the Galapagos islands.

  5. Proposed Bill Would Provide Secret Fracking Data To First Responders

6. Buying in

How the oil and gas industry is backing a fracking-friendly election

7. 100 Percent of California Now in Highest Stages of Drought

8. Obama Said to Consider Power-Plant Rule That Tests Law

9. Big Mammals vs. Big Oil: New Pipeline Puts Humpback Whales at Risk

Canada says humpback whales aren’t endangered, which allows a proposed oil pipeline to cut across their feeding grounds


10. Aquaponics Revives an Ancient Farming Technique to Feed the World


11. Foul air in heavily fracked Texas county has couple looking for a way out

12. Carnage on China Roads Shows Dark Side of Electric Bikes

13. Proposed EPA rule would reduce refinery flaring, require fence line monitoring of toxic chemicals

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