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1. Pomona College Powwow Honors the Ancestors, Tribal Homelands

2. The Domination System in California

3. This Messy Congress Might Be Able to Actually Govern

Courtesy John Boehner’s Office
A new coalition? A group of Republicans working with Democrats could be good news for Indian Country in this Congress.

4. Video: Cherokee Elder Bennie Ross Talks Refrigeration and Being Neighborly

Cherokee Elder Bennie Ross
Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Elder Bennie Ross talks about growing up, how things were kept cold without a refrigerator and attending a one-room schoolhouse.

5. On the Front Lines: Diné Women Stand Firm Against Increased, Unfettered Oil Development

Laura Paskus
Sarah Jane White, helping defend Navajo lands from virtually unregulated oil exploration, plays with her grandson.

6. Jailed in Mexico: Thousands of Indigenous Behind Bars Due to Language Barriers


7. Native American message: “We are all related” (from Russell Means)

8. Red Crow: Native American Prophecy

9. Ah Nee Mah – Native Visions (A Native American Music Journey)

10. Native American Indians Spiritual Vocal Shamanic Music

1. Children of the Dust

2. White Feather

3. We Shall Remain – Trail of Tears

4. Gray Eagle

5. My Journey to Weight Loss Was Well Worth It

6. Statue of Chief Joseph Recommended for U.S. Capitol

7. Daylight Savings Time Could Someday Be Standard

Despite debate about its efficacy, the advent of Daylight Savings Time brings with it the promise of spring.

8. Video: Choctaw Artist Dylan Cavin Shares the Story of His Art

Dylan Cavin Buffalo
Choctaw Nation
This buffalo painting is one of Dylan Cavin’s.

9. 10 Photos From the Seminole Tribal Fair Pow Wow You Might Have Missed

10. Essay Winner Explains the Sacredness of Earning Eagle Feathers

Lesser Spotted Eagle Wikipedia
Years ago, the feathers of spotted eagles were given—the spotted eagles were known as the solar bird, flying so high that they touched the heavens.

11. Truly Sacred: Ethereally Beautiful Moonrise Over Yellowstone

12. Two High Schools Refuse to Play Opponent Named ‘Redskins’
The Lancaster High School ‘Redskins’ will face neither Akron or Lake Shore high schools on the field due to its nickname, which is a dictionary-defined racial slur.

1. I Just Fixed The Redskins Problem! You’re Welcome

2. Yes, He’s Handsome — But He’s Not Your Model. 25 Photos of Natives in European Dress

3. Must See: This 16-Year-Old Singer from Alaska is Amazing
Byron Nicholai, Yup’ik, sings and dances for culture and community wellness.

4. Indigenous in Ecuador Struggle to Get Chevron to Pay Up on $9.5 Billion in Damages

5. Gaming Exclusivity Fees Dip for First Time in Oklahoma

Associated Press

6. FCC: ‘Redskins’ Is Not Profane

7. Are American Indian Nations ‘Wards of the Federal Government’?

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar calls American Indian Nations “Wards of the Federal Government.”

8. Congress Moves to Protect Alaska Native Women

Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) discusses his pending Safe Families and Villages legislation, which was approved.

9. AMERIND Risk, NAIHC to Host 2015 Annual Convention and Tradeshow

10. Boycott Ralph Lauren’s ‘Assimilation Aesthetic’

1. EPA Climate Justice Blog: Veterans Love the Environment Too!

2. 5 Spas in Indian Country Using Luxury Accommodations and Native-Based Treatments

3. Use of ‘Redskins’ on the Airwaves Is Down 42 Percent

4. Jude Schimmel Starts Final Season With Lady Cardinals

Associated Press (archive photo)
Jude Schimmel finished 4-of-10 from the floor for nine points with one coming from beyond the arc.She had six steals and four assists in 29 minutes of play against Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. The Cardinals won 89-69.

5. Rising Crime in Bakken Region Leads FBI to Open North Dakota Office

Josh Wood/Associated Press
U.S. Senator John Hoeven announces on Friday, November 14, 2014, in Williston, N.D., that the FBI is opening a permanent office in western North Dakota’s oil patch to help the area deal with rising crime that has followed the state’s oil boom.

6. Native Cooking: A Is for Almonds, D Is for Drought

Almond Health and Nutrition
Almond Board of California
Almonds are chock full of nutrition. Grab a handful and go!

7. Chugach Federal Solutions Awarded $51.9 Million Contract

8. Everyday Adventures On and Off the Rez

1. Omaha Steaks and NB3 Foundation Partner for Native American Heritage Month

Omaha Steaks NB3
Omaha Steaks
The Notah Begay III Foundation and Omaha Steaks are partnering during November to celebrate Native American Heritage Month.

3. Nike Introduces New N7 Apparel With Native Superstars’ Help
From left to right: Spencer O’Brien, Jacoby Ellsbury, Veronica Lind, Jeremy Thompson and Tahnee Robinson are Nike’s latest N7 Ambassadors.

4. Jibwe Author Jim Northrup Waxes Poetic—Literally—on Manoomin

‪Ivy Vainio/YouTube
Anishinaabe author and Marine Corp. vet Jim Northrup relaxes and recites ricing poetry beside Dead Fish Lake on his home Fond du Lac Reservation.

5. ‘Fiction Gives Me Freedom’: Author Jim Northrup on ‘Dirty Copper’ and His Alter Ego

Fulcrum Publishing
‘Dirty Copper’ is Anishinaabe author Jim Northrup’s latest collection.

6. The Truth About Our Origins Will Set Us All Free

7. Suzan Shown Harjo to Discuss Redskins at Drexel Conference

8. November is Native American Heritage Month

1. Drinking-Water Arsenic and Heart Disease Linked in Study of Native Americans: New York Times

The New York Times profiles the work of Dr. Ana Navas-Acien at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Navas-Acien has found a link between drinking-water arsenic and heart health by studying data from an ongoing survey of American Indians drinking water from private wells in the Dakotas and the Southwestern U.S.

2. Is This Model Wearing the Most Disgusting Native American Halloween Costume Ever?

Model Leilani Dowding posted this photo on Facebook with the caption 'I just got massacred by a #cowboy Note Fur is FAKE!!! #HalloweenCostume #happyhalloween #americanindian #halloweenMakeUp #halloween'
Model Leilani Dowding posted this photo to Facebook with the caption, ‘I just got massacred by a cowboy Note Fur is FAKE!!!’ She appended the hashtags HalloweenCostume, happyhalloween, americanindian, and halloweenMakeUp.

3. What Worked, What Needs Work, and Why Be Optimistic About Native Vote

Paulette Jordan wins an Idaho legislative seat.

4. Winnipeg’s First Aboriginal Mayor Takes Office

Winnipeg’s mayor elect Brian Bowman celebrates his victory in the civic election on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.

5. Young Artist Micah Wesley: ‘The Colonizers Have Done a Number on Us’

Detail of 'Redskin: Proof of Kill, Purchase, and Commodification' by Micah Wesley. Oil, Acrylic, and Enamel on 12 pieces of cardboard; installation at the University of Oklahoma School of Art and Art History.
Courtesy Micah Wesley
Detail of ‘Redskin: Proof of Kill, Purchase, and Commodification’ by Micah Wesley. Oil, Acrylic, and Enamel on 12 pieces of cardboard; installation at the University of Oklahoma School of Art and Art History.

6. Former Redskins QB Scrambles Brains with Defense of Team Name

Jay Schroeder played for the Redskins from 1985-87.

7. Selling the Sacred: Get Your Master’s in Native American Shamanism?

Lakota elders
Christina Rose
Lakota elders Phyllis Swift Hawk, Marie Randall, and Carol Iron Rope-Herrera oppose cultural trespassing and appropriation, and believe the way to learn about spirituality is to be taught by someone who has studied in a hands-on way, rather than through a book.

8. New York State of Mind: The Native Peoples of Long Island

9. Hopi Impound Navajo Sheep from Partition Lands in Controversial Move

Marley Shebala
Navajo families from the Hopi Partition Lands walked to Navajo Council chambers on October 30 to tell President Ben Shelly about the confiscation of their livestock from Hopi Partition Land.

10. Native Alaska Votes and Celebrates

Stephanie Woodard
Election judges have to be versatile in Alaska: As Kristi Logusak (left) looks on, Desiree Green holds Clara and Kendall Wassillie’s baby, so mom and dad can vote.

11. Jon Stewart on Those “Ambushed” Redskins Fans & America’s Original Sin

Associated Press
Jon Stewart

12. The Season of the Natives

1. Native Groups to Rally Against Redskins in Minneapolis

Associated Press

2. How Sacred Objects Heal: A Tlingit’s Journey, Part I

Courtesy Barbara Searls and Freda Westman
The author’s mother, Phoebe Ward Hopper, in her Alaska Native Sisterhood koogéinaa (sash) and hat. Photo taken in Alaska, 1971. (Courtesy Barbara Searls and Freda Westman)

3. EPA Climate Justice Blog: Bringing Human Rights Home—Engagement and Environmental Justice

U.N. meeting on human rights in Geneva.

4. Video: Native Hawaiians Explain Why the Goddess Pele and Her Lava Are Welcome Guests in Pahoa

U.S. Geological Survey/AP Photo
Lava that has pushed through a fence marking a property boundary above the town of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii is seen Oct. 28, 2014.

5. National Geographic Honors Gwaii Haanas as an Outstanding Cultural Tourism Site

6. Videos: Cherokee Elders Tell Halloween Tales, Part 1

Cherokee Elders tell Halloween tales
Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Elders tell viewers Halloween tales.

7. Arctic Adaptations: Inuit Architecture Showcased in Prestigious Venice Biennale

Kirt Ejesiak
Visitors check out ‘Arctic Adaptations: Nunavut at 15’ at the 14th International Venice Biennale of Architecture.

8. Shelly Vetoes Council Legislation Amending Fluency, Deschene Continues Fight

9. Tester’s Big Gamble: The Push for Indian Education, Health Care and Environment

Senator Jon Tester at NIEA
Julia Mitchell
Senator Jon Tester speaks at the NIEA Convention in Alaska.

10. United by Rock ‘n Roll: NAMA-Nominated Ollivanders Put the Music First

Ollivanders: Ryan Johnson, Martin Isaacs and Ryan Mickeloff
Photo by
The Ollivanders: Ryan Johnson, Martin Isaacs and Ryan Mickeloff. Photo by

11. NM’s Minority Groups Form Alliance to Address Concerns, Beginning With Elections

Courtesy New Mexico People’s Solidarity Alliance Facebook
New Mexico People’s Solidarity Alliance signing of Declaration of Unity

12. You Think Team Names Are Bad? 12 Images of Propaganda Against Natives

13. BIA Head Kevin Washburn Speaks to ICTMN About NCAI, Federal Recognition and More

Cliff Matias
Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs Kevin K. Washburn sat with a panel from ICTMN in September while in New York.

14. Unraveling the ‘Redskins’ Lie: Americans Don’t Know Native History