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The Fear of Losing You©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

Beautiful; I Always Wanted to Be©

Raising children just isn’t as easy as it used to be! by Felina Silver Robinson

Like peas in a pod our children are unearthed and birthed into this unknowing world. Given a clean slate of what lies ahead. The world will become their oyster. Our role as their parents is to guide them safely through life until we can sem them out into the world on their own. In doing so, we have to teach them morals. The lessons parents learn are usually a start to how they choose to raise their own children. Quite often the choice ends up being that the opposite is done in rearing their own children. Times have changed in so many ways. There do remain places that you can leave your door unlocked, and your car keys in the ignition and know that they’ll be there when you return. Those places however are few and far between today.

It’s hard in today’s society with the rules now placed upon parents. Many come from a time when just the right twig could be torn from just the right tree and placed upon the back or the buttocks of the misbehaving child. That was replaced with slaps to a bare bottom with a strong upper hand. During the school day, students were punished by sitting in plain view of their classmates with a dunce cap upon their head or they were slapped across their hand with a ruler a designated number of times based on their punishment.

Today, children threaten their parents with a call to department of children and families or to the police should they even think of raising a hand to them. The law now deems it illegal in some states to spank your child. Leaving some parents to be parented by their own children. This is not to say that violence is the answer in any case. If you ask me, people have been conditioned to believe that being physical with an individual whether for good or bad, gets the most desirable response in the end. However, most often, situations get out of control and all you’re left with is anger and unresolved issues. Quite often, affected individuals end up being even more violent than they initially were.

Which brings me back to how difficult it now is to raise the children of today. It feels like  children have the upper hand. Today, children talk back and tell their parents that they “have a voice”, “they’re old enough to do what they want without our permission. “I don’t have to listen to you”. At any given moment they will turn on their heels and walk either into their bedroom slamming the door then putting on their headphones to block out their parents; or they walk out the front door feeling powerful enough not to turn back or check in. Now defiance rules.

Not all is lost. There still remains a large number of very mild mannered children that are introverts and don’t like noise. Thus making them somewhat more submissive and easier to control, meaning that they are more likely to accept whatever is asked of them.

Parents must decide how they can win back the respect that shouldn’t have been lost in the first place. Parents should never feel powerless. They must know that here is always a better answer than violence. The best thing we can do for our children is to always listen to what children have to say and make them feel like they are a part of both the discussion and the resolution, which should include their punishments. Talking through actions can help individuals see where they went wrong with the hope that they will realize that their is always a better or different way to get what one wants or needs. This is most definitely attainable without hurting others. Time as well as careful thought and consideration of all involved brings amazing results.


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Oh My Shy and Quiet One…©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

You are always full of surprises

Peering atop your favorite book you find a way

to bring laughter to the day

In moments of stress, you look past the mess

and find a way to brighten up the room

Even with a frown in tow, not buried too far beneath

is that silly little grin followed by the sweetest little laugh

that makes others start to grin wishing they knew why they too, now

wore that same silly little grin.

Thank you my shy and quiet one…for making me bring laughter to my day.

This poem was written for my daughters Ariana, Jasmine and Lea.

Oh How They Blossom©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

It’s often hard to watch those we have raised,

directed or reared in one way or another,

blossom into someone even greater than we expected.

They are able to spread their wings even broader and fly a little higher.

We sit back and wonder what exactly did we do to help them make such momentum in their lives?

Most often it is just that we listened when they needed to be heard.

We cared when someone needed them to care.

We gave advice when necessary.

Sometimes that’s all someone needs to feel like they can do anything, or be anything.

Never doubt your ability to help someone else.

Sometimes amazing things happen when you don’t spend too much time trying to figure out how to handle it.

Allow things to come naturally.

Relax your mind and let your thoughts go free.

You’ll be amazed at what you see.


Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

Parents bring their child into a unknowing world

Each day full of uncertainty, no true direction known

Each of us have our values and those of our parents

The community has their own ideas

Your church may choose a different path for you

So many voices,

So many teachers

So many choices

Which road must you follow?

A parent must know to stay true to themselves

Raise your child with pride

Raise your child with your own mind

Take advice when needed

But the mold is yours

You created the life

The choices are all yours

All the voices help you have something to choose from

Only you will know in the end what you feel is right for you and your child

One day when they are old enough, your child will learn how to make their own choices

Hopefully all that you have taught them will guide them down the right path


Grateful I Am For It All©

Copyright 2015

Felina Silver Robinson

From head to toe

I watch them grow

Each year they shed

Makes me sigh

As I know they’re closer to leaving

But I know as they grow

Their minds expand

And they turn into someone I can be proud of

It amazes me as I begin to see

Just how much they mirror me

They took all my words and held them close

And followed their direction

Now they stand proud as they reflect upon

Where they started and where they’ve ended

Together we molded the person they’ve become

With little regret

Some tears

But mostly blissfully happy memories

Today I can truly say I wouldn’t have changed a thing

Changing the past can often alter the goodness of a gifted end

So I opt for the bounty of all that I see before me

Grateful am I for it all