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“The people will need to be able to use the land and resources without fear as free men and women.

militia in Oregon refuge

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No one has died in the reported cases of infection, the Washington State Department of Health said

The number of salmonella infections linked to cucumbers continues to soar. Three people have died in this year's ongoing outbreak, according to the Centers for Disease Control, which has reported more than 500 cases.

Oregon shooting: Reports of 10 dead at Umpqua Community College


A patient is wheeled into the emergency room at Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, Oregon, following a deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College on Thursday, October 1. Preliminary information indicated that 10 people were killed and more than 20 were injured, police said. Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boice told CNN that the shooter is in custody.

22-pound cat traps family in bedroom
House cat went crazy after attacking 7-month-old baby
Cat traps family in bedroom

An Oregon family had to call 911 to save them from their 22-pound cat.

The cat had attacked a 7-month-old baby Sunday night. The baby was OK, but the family had to take refuge in a bedroom as the cat continued to rage outside, Portland TV station KATU reported.

“I kicked the cat in the rear and it has went off over the edge and we aren’t safe around the cat,” Lee Palmer said in a 911 call.

“The cat, we don’t know what to do about the cat. He’s trying to attack us. When I leave the bedroom to let the police in, I’m gonna have to fight this cat.”

Officers had to use a dog snare to capture the cat and put it in a crate, The Associated Press reported.

The owners said the cat has a history of violence. It remains with the family in Portland.