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The crash in the westbound lanes in Newton backed up traffic on both sides Tuesday. (WBZ-TV)

The crash in the westbound lanes in Newton backed up traffic on both sides Tuesday. (WBZ-TV)

Newton Center home’s 37-year Christmas tradition

NEWTON, Mass. —It’s a Christmas tradition on Emerson Street in Newton dating back nearly four decades, the Hunter family home with its full holiday lights display.

The holiday lights tradition was started by the late William Hunter, a former Cambridge firefighter, 37 years ago.

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“I think dad would be really proud, that it’s still going on.   It’s one thing that always brought him joy,” said his daughter, Kristen Hunter.

The home’s holiday lights have been featured over the years in the Boston Globe and Newton Tab.

This weekend, an anonymous letter arrived purportedly from a neighbor, but postmarked in Boston.

In part the letter reads, “Not everybody in your neighborhood is Christian and many people do not wish to see such a flagrant display of your beliefs.”

“I couldn’t believe it. We were in complete shock. If anything, we have had people come to the door and thank us,” said daughter Kelly Hunter.

“I don’t see the problem, you can be whatever you want to be and celebrate it.  However, you want to be proud of what you are.  We are not bashing anybody for being anything,” said Kelly Hunter.

The letter goes on, “Imagine how you would feel to drive past an anti-Christian lawn display every day!”

“We are proud of what we do and we have had so many people stop by and thank us,” said Kelly Hunter.

For some neighbors, the letter has rallied support.  On Saturday night, they will gather and sing Christmas carols at the Hunter’s home.

“Love it, we love it,” said neighbor Rick Arnold.  “Actually, I don’t have to do my house because everybody looks at their house.”


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