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1. Klamath Agreements Strengthen Tribal Sovereignty

2. 44th Annual Barona Powwow to Bring Thousands Together in San Diego

3. Death Threats Against Yanomami Leader to Be Investigated

Courtesy Survival International
DaviKopenawa, a Yanomami shaman, who has been fighting for his peoples
rights for more than 20 years will be in California in April to speak about protecting
the rainforest and his spiritual life. Kopenawa is seen here surrounded by Yanomami

4. Sen. Carlyle Begay Is Turning Tide Against Chronic Diseases in Indian Country

at the Policy Level

Begay for Arizona
Senator Begay was born on the Navajo Nation and he is Tó’tsohnii (Big Water),
born for Kinyaa’áanii (Towering House) clans. His maternal grand parents are Tl’izi
lani (Many Goats clan). His paternal grandparents are also of the Tl’izilani
(Many Goats clan). Senator Begay is a lifetime resident of Arizona and grew up on
the Navajo Nation near Black Mesa and was raised under the teaching of his ancestry,
instilling in him the importance of remembering the story of his people and carrying it
on to his descendants.

5. University of Minnesota and Vikings Working to Ban R-word From NFL Matchup

Associated Press

6. Johny Hendricks MMA Champ Eager To Return To Ring And Defend UFC Title

Courtesy Johny Hendricks
Johny Hendricks connected with the Otoe-Missouria Tribe on May 15. While touring
the reservation and meeting with Chairman John Shotton, Hendricks hosted an
inspiring discussion with tribal youth where he encouraged them to follow their dreams.

7. Watch the Enchanting Trailer for ‘Indigo,’ Based on Native Stories


8. Horrific Toxic Spill in B.C. Called Another Exxon Valdez

Cariboo Regional District/YouTube
The tailings pond, left, at Polley Mine, owned by Imperial Minerals Inc., ruptured and
unleashed its contents into the pristine surrounding wilderness on August 4.

9. Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes Sell Nursing Home for $400K

10. The Guardians of the Galaxy Save the Summer, One Screen at a Time

courtesy Marvel Entertainment

11. Pour Him a Tall One! Mining Exec Insists He’d Drink Water From Tailings Pond

Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press
Yum, yum. President of Imperial Metals Corp., whose breached tailings pond sent
four billion gallons of toxic waste into pristine British Columbia waterways awaiting
the annual salmon return, said he would drink the water.

12. Hail to the… Chief? Movie Star Gil Birmingham’s Journey in Photos 

Gil Birmingham sits in the Oval Office on the set of ‘House of Cards.’

  2. Montana Dodges Voting-Rights Lawsuit, Implements Satellite Services

Joseph Zummo
Attorney Steven Sandven, shown here with Erin Flynn of the U.S. Department
of Justice, during Wandering Medicine v. McCulloch, a voting-rights lawsuit that
resulted in satellite absentee-voting and late-registration offices for the Fort Belknap,
Northern Cheyenne and Crow reservations, in Montana.
Christina Rose
Chief of the Mashantucket Tribal Police William Dittman holds the certificate
after the Mashantucket Tribal Police participated in Police Officer Standards
and Training.
Courtesy SaberCats
Nathan Stanley leads SaberCats to AFL playoff victory
Marya Zulinova, Press Service of the Governor Yanao
A massive methane bubble bursting out of the ground most likely caused this
crater that has been baffling scientists and spawning rumors. Whether it’s due to
climate change or natural lake formation process in the region remains to be seen.
Glenn Shepard
Left, Xero, a Chitonahua woman in Peru shortly after her group was forcibly
contacted by loggers after fleeing violence from loggers in Brazil in 1996. Right,
A young Chitonahua man who lost one eye to a shotgun blast by Brazilian loggers;
his brother was shot in the leg by Peruvian loggers in 1996.
Associated Press
Photo source:
Forward Pat Saunders plays for the Philadelphia Wings, a professional lacrosse team
that Mohegan Sun seems poised to buy. Photo source:
Associated Press
Sam Bradford, right, says he’s ready to play in first season opener since his knee injury last year.
Courtesy Clayton Brascoupe
A photo of the students who took part in the 2006 Indigenous Sustainable Communities
Design Course

1. Mayor Richard J. Berry: Albuquerque Is Dangerous for Homeless Natives

AP Photo/Russell Contreras
Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry

2. Open Letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Gary Edwards

3. Linear Thinking is For Squares! Circular Thinking and the Medicine Wheel

Christina Rose
Lynette Two Bulls, Lakota, and Philip Whiteman, Northern Cheyenne, live in Lame
Deer, Montana, where they present the Medicine Wheel Model in nearby communities.
They also present the model around the country. (Christina Rose)

4. Washburn Hears Frustration, Anger Over Third Party Fed Rec Veto

Courtesy Kevin K. Washburn
Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Kevin Washburn recently attended the
morning session of a public hearing on proposed new rules for federal recognition.

5. Bighorn Sheep Survive Migration Loss, Now Pressed by Skiers

Alyson Courtemanch
A bighorn sheep lamb looks out from a cliff face in the Tetons, where an isolated
non-migratory lives year-round.

6. “Caucasians” T-shirt That Mocks Cleveland Indians’ Wahoo a Best-Seller

Brian Kirby of Shelf Life Clothing in Cleveland designed the “Caucasians” logo T-shirt.

7. Russians Behaving Indian-ly: It’s Not Just for Germans Anymore

Image source:
Mikhail Vinogradov photographed by Zhanna Molotilova. Image source:

8. Rate That Genocide: Which Was Worse, Slavery or Treatment of Native Americans?

Vanity Fair

9. Murderous Drug Traffickers Force Isolated Group in Amazon to Make Contact

Courtesy FUNAI
The uncontacted Indians appeared young and healthy, but reported shocking
incidents of a massacre of their older relatives.

10. Powwow Goers Celebrate 148 Years at the Annual Homecoming

Celebration Powwow

Bob Uhl
The Black Lodge Singers

11. Native About New York: A Pow Wow in Queens, Complete With Farm Animals

Cliff Matais
A display of some of the art work by the Gomez family which they create and sell
at pow wows across the country.

12. Is This Reality TV Show as Racist as It Sounds?

Q, Nuala, Tamara, Frank and Mary of ‘Escaping Alaska.’ Image source: TLC

13. Video: Never-Before-Seen Time Lapse Enchantment in Sequoia National

Park Will Leave You Breathless

Gavin Heffernan/Vimeo
Giant trees on this Sequoia National Forest ridgeline are dwarfed by the majestic
Milky Way arcing above it.

14. House of Representatives Adds Red Tape to Endangered Species Act With New Bill

1. Video: Environmental Themes Dominate Film at Montreal First Peoples Festival

Montreal First Peoples Festival/Vimeo
Chadwick Brown in The Activist, a fictionalized backstory to the Pine Ridge
uprising of 1973.

2. ‘Hungry Johnny’ Dishes Up Elder Knowledge, Native Culture in Children’s Book

Courtesy Minnesota Historical Society Press
Illustrator Wesley Ballinger and author Cheryl Minnema, both Mille Lacs Ojibwe,
hold copies of their children’s book ‘Hungry Johnny.’

3. The Land Bridge Theory and the Visiting Wise Guy

4. Indigenous America: Facing Other Inconvenient Truths

5. Native American Teachings


6. Wonderful Native American Indians,

Shamanic Spiritual Music, Música De Los Nativos Indios Americanos


1. Notah Begay Named to Stanford University Hall of Fame
Notah Begay III

2. The Right That Protects All Other Rights

3. 5 Clinical Tools Help Diagnose, Treat PTSD

U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Jason Joel Brown
Health care providers have much to consider when diagnosing and treating PTSD,
to help five tools have been developed to assist with clinical support.

4. Five of the World’s Most Beautiful Underwater Cities
China’s “Atlantis” is the mysterious Lion City under Qiandao Lake.

5. AMERIND Risk Conference in Portland to Educate on Emergency Management


6. ‘Joyful Anger,’ Youthful Exuberance, Overflow at Montreal First Peoples Festival

Theresa Braine
Hundreds of people packed the Place des Festivals to see Algonquin rap
sensation Samian at the Montreal First Peoples Festival on July 31.

7. Lynn Valbuena: NMAI’s Meet Native America Series

Chairwoman Lynn “Nay” Valbuena, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

8. Climate Justice in Action: Hip Hop is Acting on Climate!

Courtesy U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Hip-hop and climate change go together, related as they are to health and well-being.

9. Washington Got Rid of These Demeaning ‘Redskin’ Images, in 1958

Image source: Wikipedia Commons
This statue promoting an outdated narrative of American history used to sit on the
Capitol steps, but hasn’t been seen in 56 years.

10.  The Native American Holocaust – The Shocking Truth

1. The Immigration Crisis Is a Sham: Repopulating North America

2. ‘Big-Nosed Heads on Jerseys’: Native Mascots Harm Native Youth Every Day

3. Navajo Nation Slams Door on Deal That Would Have Allowed Uranium Mining

Courtesy United Nuclear Corporation
Aerial photo of NE Church Rock Mine

4. Chickasaw Cultural Center Celebrates 4-year Anniversary, Honored with Travel Awards

Courtesy Chickasaw Nation

5. Pow Wow Weekend Planner August 1-3

6. Classic ’70s Poster: Carter Camp x AIM x Akwesasne Notes

Library of Congress

7. What If Sonny Sixkiller Bought the Washington Redskins?

University of Washington quarterback Sonny Sixkiller, Cherokee, evading Purdue
defenders in a famous 1971 matchup. Source:

8. Blindfolded Giraffe’s Head Slams Into Highway Overpass; Animal Dies

Tragedy impending: Seconds after this photo was taken, the flatbed truck zoomed
under the overpass, and the head of one of them slammed into the cement. The
animal later died. South African authorities are mulling criminal charges.

9. Riding the Native Wave: Surfing’s Hidden Roots in Peru

Felipe Pomar, World Champion Surfer and Tsunami Rider

10. Video: Inuit Woman Plucks Bird on Montreal Subway, Onlookers Cry Fowl

In this screen grab of a YouTube video, 22-year-old Inuk Christina David can be seen
leaning over to pluck a bird. Hysteria made the video go viral, complete with assertions
that she also ate it raw.

11. Got a Tribal Housing Dream? It May be Within Your Reach

12. Four-Day Run in Celebration of Sobriety & Health From One Rez to Another

Michael Meuers
200-mile relay-style Anishinaabe Run for Sobriety and Health

13. He Heals With Sand: Wallace Ben is a Sand Painter and Medicine Man

Photo by Lee Allen/AZ Freelance.
Navajo sand painter Wallace Ben discusses his work in front of a framed
reproduction of one of his sand paintings. Photo by Lee Allen/AZ Freelance.

14. Native Americans and the Boston Harbor Islands

1. From Geronimo to ‘The Scalp Hunters’: 10 Military Uses of Native Imagery

2. EPA Green Lights Navajo Generating Station, Interior Must Approve

3. Spirit of a Proud Nation: What We Can Learn from the Lakota

Biba S. Kavass
Earlier this summer, two group leaders, two teachers, and 11 high school
students piled into a van at Rapid City Airport to spend a week at Pine Ridge to
learn about the culture, study the factors contributing to such extreme poverty
on the reservation, and examine the use of microfinance to promote economic
growth and development.

4. Passing on the Culture: The Delaware Water Drum Story

Delaware Tribe of Indians
Dee Ketchum tells Bear Tompkins how to tie the water drum as attendees look on

5. Wall Street in Myth and Reality: A Native’s Guide to Investment


6. Maine Paper Completes 29-Part Series on Passamaquoddy Tribe

Gabe Souza/Portland Press Herald
A Passamaquoddy elder rests his hands on an oar while working near Long Lake
in Indian Township this spring. The people on the tribe’s two eastern Maine
reservations have spent decades fighting for their rights while struggling to preserve
their collective identity.

7. Hillary Clinton Says No! to Redskins

Associated Press
Hillary Clinton

8. Shoot-out! Shoni Schimmel vs. Angel Goodrich = WNBA Game of the Year
Shoni Schimmel

9. Rep. Markwayne Mullin, Cherokee, Among The Hill’s ’50 Most Beautiful’

Mullin is one of two Native Congressmen, and one of the 50 Most Beautiful people
on the DC political scene, according to

10. Johnson’s Native Languages Bill Passes, Heads to Senate Floor

Courtesy Sen. Tim Johnson’s Office
Sen. Tim Johnson’s Native Languages Bill passes out of Committee

11. Put Native Youth Back in Mascots Debate

12. Preserving Culture: NPS Awards Historic Preservation Grants to Tribes

13. Modern Masterpieces: Santa Fe Indian Market Auction Preview [12 Pictures]

These concho belts incorporate pieces from 28 Native artists. They will be auctioned off
at the Santa Fe Indian Market’s Live Auction Gala, taking place on August 23, 2014.

14. Tohono O’Odham Chair Ned Norris Jr. on Job-Killing Legislation in Senate

15. Alarming Video of Alaska Melting Away

National Climate Assessment/The Story Group/Vimeo
The chapter of the National Climate Assessment released in May by the Obama
administration talks about melting—of ice, permafrost and glaciers—and talks about
how the effects of each are compounded because of climate change.

16. (Part 1) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1)

17. (Part 2) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 2)

18. Oldest Native American drumming video ever



1. The ‘Carcieri’ Fix Bills Need to Do More

2. 15 New Words That Belong in the NDN Dictionary

3. 10 Things You May Not Know About Wes Studi

Jen Boyer
Wes Studi will appear in three movies this summer.

4. Tribal Business Owes Oklahoma $47 Million in Smokes Revenue

5. Team Wisconsin Brings Home 38 Medals at North American Indigenous Games

6. Navajo Nation Turns to Plant-Based Foods to Reverse Diabetes


7. Video: What Would You Do? Brianna Went to Italy

The Buried Life
“The Buried Life” fulfilled Brianna’s dream to go to Italy.

8. Snoqualmie Tribe Gives $250,000 in Aid for Washington Fire Victims

The eastern zone of the Carlton Complex fire in Washington State on July 21; as
of the 28th, the blaze—a combination of what started as four separate fires on
July 14—was just 67 percent contained.

9. How Do We Re-Member?

10. Indian Gaming Veteran Is New General Manager at Muckleshoot Casino

11. Chickasaw Nation Announces General Election Results

12. Chris Rock: ‘Redskins? That’s not Nice. That’s a Racial Slur’

Associated Press
Comedian Chris Rock

13. Tribe Rebuilds Citizen’s Home After Fire

Cherokee Nation
(L to R) Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker, Cherokee citizen BB Livers,
Tribal Councilor Frankie Hargis and Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden stand in front of
Livers’ new home, which the tribe built after his former home was destroyed in a 2013 fire.

14. Mouth-Watering Modern Indigenous Eats by Top Chef Rich Francis [10 Photos]

Seared scallops with saffron vanilla sauce, garnished with caviar.

15. Redskins Allegedly Hire Crisis Management Firm to Build ‘Fan-based’ Website

16. Chaske Spencer and ‘Winter in the Blood’: Coming to a Theater Near You

‘Winter in the Blood,’ starring Chaske Spencer and Julia Jones, has secured a
North American distributor.