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I was 100% proud to be a resident of the town I grew up in.  That was until I came across a book that detailed the town’s bylaws in the late 1800s and early 1900s and realized that slavery was a key part of the town’s makeup. No person that was Native American or African American was permitted in the town unless they were a slave. This book depicted slaves as property and were thought to be less than human and without rights. For months, I was just so angry about what I had read and determined to change what I had read in black and white. Then I realized that, that was then and this is now. I realized that we can’t change what’s occurred but can make sure that history changes in the years ahead.

I am proud to say that I am somewhat of a mutt when it comes to my race. I will say though that I’m primarily Native American, some African American and a few other things I won’t mention. Whatever I’m made up of, I’m certain of and that is that I’m fully human with just as many rights as any other American.  Coming from a mixed family allows me to see people as people and not a race or define them by the color of their skin.

The “perception” that people are speaking about is the perception that has been handed down from one generation to another. Try as we may to pull people out of their ignorance by educating them it seems pointless if they’re not willing to open up their hearts to honestly accepting the differences that are presence and then just simply ignoring them and seeing each person as just that, another person.

The reality is, no one race is responsible for their presence here on this earth, that is due to a higher power or evolution or whatever or however you want to label it.  Therefore as has been over and over and time and time again, let’s just learn to live together for all of our sakes.

Most people on this earth have been educated in one way or another and can certainly understand that working together without conflict is obviously much easier to do than being on opposite ends of things and always finding a reason to be at battle with one another. If we all respect one another than there is no reason for discontent.

By Felina Silver Robinson 



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Osceola and Billie oppose the greenway.

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5. Obama Names Lucaj to Board of Trustees for Culture and Arts

Princess Daazhraii Lucaj was recently appointed to a position with the Obama Administration

6. From Football to Evening Gowns: 10 Year Old Royalty Wins Big

Courtesy LeAnn Hascon
An avid athlete, Nizhoni Ward plays football and basketball for local teams.



7. Video: Cherokee Elder Ed Wilson Talks Swimming Holes and Pranks

Cherokee Elder Ed Wilson
Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Elder Ed Wilson reminisces about swimming holes, avoiding water moccasins, and the many pranks they used to play.



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9. Well For Culture: Top 10 Fit Natives on Instagram

Photo courtesy Thosh Collins
From left, Thosh Collins, Chelsey Luger and Martin Sensmeier in Brooklyn, New York in July 2014.



10. Full Circle: Plains Indians Exhibit Takes Top Billing at Metropolitan Museum of Art

Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology, Harvard University
This buffalo-hide robe is covered in the exploits of at least two Lakota warriors and includes 60 figures depicted across 14 events. The exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, ‘The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky,’ runs through May 10. On loan from Musée du quai Branly, Paris.

1. Buying a Lacrosse Team Is Mohegan’s Latest Gamble

Christina Rose
Mohegan Tribal Chairman Kevin Brown addresses the Mohegan Tribal Council,
Council of Elders, and the media in announcing the purchase of Philadelphia
Lacrosse Team.

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4. A Trial of Tears and Joy: 4,700-Mile Cancer-Fighting Bike Trek Nears End

for Chickasaw

Chickasaw Nation
University of Texas senior and Chickasaw Nation citizen Sierra Welch somewhere
on the road in Alaska on a 4,700-mile journey as part of the Texas 4000, the
world’s largest charity bike ride to fight cancer.

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Cheyenne River Youth Project

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Associated Press

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Rep. Don Young, state Rep. Cathy Muñoz, and state Sen. Dennis Egan.

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AP Photo/Russell Contreras
Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry

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3. Linear Thinking is For Squares! Circular Thinking and the Medicine Wheel

Christina Rose
Lynette Two Bulls, Lakota, and Philip Whiteman, Northern Cheyenne, live in Lame
Deer, Montana, where they present the Medicine Wheel Model in nearby communities.
They also present the model around the country. (Christina Rose)

4. Washburn Hears Frustration, Anger Over Third Party Fed Rec Veto

Courtesy Kevin K. Washburn
Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Kevin Washburn recently attended the
morning session of a public hearing on proposed new rules for federal recognition.

5. Bighorn Sheep Survive Migration Loss, Now Pressed by Skiers

Alyson Courtemanch
A bighorn sheep lamb looks out from a cliff face in the Tetons, where an isolated
non-migratory lives year-round.

6. “Caucasians” T-shirt That Mocks Cleveland Indians’ Wahoo a Best-Seller

Brian Kirby of Shelf Life Clothing in Cleveland designed the “Caucasians” logo T-shirt.

7. Russians Behaving Indian-ly: It’s Not Just for Germans Anymore

Image source:
Mikhail Vinogradov photographed by Zhanna Molotilova. Image source:

8. Rate That Genocide: Which Was Worse, Slavery or Treatment of Native Americans?

Vanity Fair

9. Murderous Drug Traffickers Force Isolated Group in Amazon to Make Contact

Courtesy FUNAI
The uncontacted Indians appeared young and healthy, but reported shocking
incidents of a massacre of their older relatives.

10. Powwow Goers Celebrate 148 Years at the Annual Homecoming

Celebration Powwow

Bob Uhl
The Black Lodge Singers

11. Native About New York: A Pow Wow in Queens, Complete With Farm Animals

Cliff Matais
A display of some of the art work by the Gomez family which they create and sell
at pow wows across the country.

12. Is This Reality TV Show as Racist as It Sounds?

Q, Nuala, Tamara, Frank and Mary of ‘Escaping Alaska.’ Image source: TLC

13. Video: Never-Before-Seen Time Lapse Enchantment in Sequoia National

Park Will Leave You Breathless

Gavin Heffernan/Vimeo
Giant trees on this Sequoia National Forest ridgeline are dwarfed by the majestic
Milky Way arcing above it.

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Hans Tammemagi\

3. Chief Ogimaa Duke Peltier: NMAI’s Meet Native America Series

Courtesy Wikwemikong Unceded Nation
Ogimaa Duke Peltier signing the Wikwemikong Unceded Children’s Bill of Rights at Wasse Abin High School on November 27, 2013, Wikwemikong, Ontario.

4. Fiddling in the Fields: Try My Favorite Spring Fern

Flickr Creative Commons/Kristen Taylor
Halved fiddlehead ferns

5. Video: Dann Sisters’ Battle to Save Their Cattle Is Stark Contrast to That of Cliven Bundy

Shoshone lands and the Dann sisters’ battle for grazing rights.

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An FBI operation at rural home in Indiana, April 2, 2014.  WISH-TV

WALDRON, Ind. — A team of FBI agents, archaeologists and other experts are confiscating Native American and other artifacts and relics from a collection described as having immeasurable cultural significance from a home in rural central Indiana, authorities said.

An FBI investigation determined that the homeowner, Donald C. Miller, may have knowingly and unknowingly collected objects in violation of several treaties and federal and state statutes, Special Agent in Charge Robert Jones said Wednesday.

“We know that some of the items were acquired improperly,” Jones said.

The items, stored in several buildings on the property about 35 miles southeast of Indianapolis, areto be collected, identified and repatriated, he said. Those that properly belong to Millerare being safeguarded, he said. A number of statutes and law may not have been in effect when Miller collected some of the items, he said.”The exact number of artifacts in the collection is unknown at this time but it’s believed to be in the thousands,” Jones said. “The monetary value of the entire collection and of its individual pieces is yet to be determined however the cultural value of these artifacts is immeasurable.”

Jones said that the extensive collection, which Miller amassed over eight decades, includes Native American artifacts and relics as well as items from the United States, China, Haiti, Australia, Russia, New Guinea, Italy, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Greece, Peru and possibly several other countries.

He said he could not comment on the nature of the items but said that Miller had traveled extensively. He said the team was trying to determine the exact time and method of each acquisition.

Larry Zimmerman, a professor of anthropology and museum studies, said he was overwhelmed when he saw the collection.

“I have never seen a collection like this in my entire life except in some of the largest museums,” he said.

Miller, 91, told CBS News that he was a lifetime collector who had a museum of hundreds of artifacts in his basement.

He said he “absolutely” has rightful ownership of the artifacts and that he was cooperating with the FBI’s search.

“I have been in 200 countries collecting artifacts,” he said.

Miller has not been charged with any crime.

Television helicopter video showed a mobile FBI command vehicle, a moving van and several tents alongside a two-story home near the town of Waldron.

Some 200 people are involved in the process, which could take years.


1. Support the Healthy Diné Nation Act!

2. The Verdant Fist That Is the Mescalero Apache Reservation
Inn ot the Mountain Gods resort and golf course

3. San Francisco Stopped Drinking Bottled Water and So Should You

Flickr Creative Commons/Klearchos Kapoutsis
“Water Bottle” by Стефан Симов; modern art by the artist Stephan Simov at the facade of the National Galery of Bulgaria, March 17-24, 2009.

4. Kenya’s Conservation Efforts Evicting Sengwer Tribe From Forest Homes

Courtesty Justin Kenrick/Survival
Homes of the Sengwer tribe in Kenya’s Cherangany Hills torched by forest guards.

5. World Water Day: Young Sliammon Activist Ta’Kaiya Blaney Invokes Prayer for the Sacred

Sliammon First Nation activist, actress and singer Ta’Kaiya Blaney, age 12, makes an eloquent plea for the waters on World Water Day 2014.

6. Lunar Standstill, an Eclipse and Other Sky Delights in Store for Spring

Chimney Rock National Monument/Helen Richardson
Chimney Rock, a sacred site of the ancient Pueblo, showcases a lunar standstill.

1. Got Land? Thank An Indian!

2. Former Haskell Football Standout Inspired by Thorpe, Levi and Mills

Photo Courtesy Wade McGee – McGee coaching at Lake City High School

3. Tribute: Robert J. Conley Told Towering Cherokee Tales

One of the many books written by Robert J. Conley, who was said to be something of a Cherokee encyclopedia himself. The iconic author walked on in February 2014.

4. Beware Evil White Foods: Sinister Salty, Pycho-Sugar & Illsbury Doughboy

5. Cherokee Nation Doubling the Size of Stillwell, Oklahoma Health Center

Childers Architect/Courtesy Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Nation Wilma P. Mankiller Health Center exterior rendering by Childers Architect.

6. Fall Chinook Salmon Spawn in Record Numbers in Snake River

Nez Perce Tribal Fisheries/Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
Salmon nests, known as redds, in the Clearwater River. Fall 2013 saw a record number along with an equally record number of returning salmon.

7. The Oscars’ All-Time Most Outrageous Moment—and What It Meant

Associated Press
Backstage at the 1973 Oscars: Sacheen Littlefeather holding the speech Marlon Brando had asked her to give.

8. An Oscar-Night Poem: ‘The Drone Ranger Explains Manifest Destiny’

M9-Q Reaper photograph source: Wikipedia; Lone Ranger still courtesy Disney.
An M9-Q Reaper unmanned combat air vehicle; Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger in Disney’s ‘Lone Ranger.’

1. Mohawk Andra Rush on Building Three Business, Revitalizing Detroit and Tribal Ties

Courtesy Detroit Manufacturing Systems
Andra Rush told Reader’s Digest: “Driving the truck is something guys do—it’s rough, but it isn’t something a woman can’t do. But running a trucking company is much more than picking up and delivering; it’s marketing and tracking and organization. Women are wired to multitask.”

2. Talking Stick 2014: Drama, Dance, and the Electric Powwow in Vancouver

A performer on stage at the 2013 Talking Stick Festival in Vancouver, Britich Columbia. The 2014 edition of the fest is now underway.

3. Running for Native Youth

Millie Titla
Mary Kim Titla, San Carlos Apache and executive director of UNITY, Inc., at the start of the 26.2 mile course.

4. Indigenous Leader Acquitted of Weapons Charges Connected to Protest

Courtesy CICA
Rio Blanco community members and COPINH protest the hydroelectric dam project, May 2013.

5. Winter Fun, Native Style: Play Snowsnake at New York’s Finger Lakes
Participants enjoy a game of snowsnake (Courtesy Kevin Vickers)

6. Video: Octopus Not Ready for Its Closeup Wrestles Camera Away From Diver

Octopus attacks!

7. AMERIND Risk Increases Customer Base with Small Tribes, Gaming Enterprise

Courtesy AMERIND Risk
CEO Derek Valdo in front of AMERIND Risk’s headquarters on the Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico. His higher mission is to create affordable and sustainable insurance products that foster economic development in Native communities.

8. Sage-Burning Student Who Was Smoked Out of Classes May File Human Rights Complaint

Aboriginal People’s Television Network
Eleventh-grade student Stephen Bunn tells the Aboriginal People’s Television Network about being threatened with suspension for smelling like smudge.

9. We’re In the Funding, White House Confirms Full Contract Support Costs

Alask Rep. Don Young: “Tribal health programs have always been underfunded, and it is time for our federal government to hold up its end of the bargain.”

10. Chickasaw Softball Legend Considered ‘Unhittable’ Named to Okla. Hall of Fame

Chickasaw Nation
Vernon Straughn was honored in the Oklahoma Amateur Softball Association Hall of Fame in January.

11. Destroying Sacred Sites for Coal