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Grief Becomes No One

The Darkness©

The Emotion Called Hope©

Decision Time©

No rooster sounding off here, but Alexa has sweet music that tickles the ear. Fresh brewed coffee can drag any nose down the hall. The sound of fresh fruit being chopped is reason enough to hustle. Suddenly, there’s the rush of feet all about fighting for the shower. Dirty laundry piled high in front of the washer, not the best start to moms day, followed by towels by the dryer. Better make way for the mad rush to the car for carpooling. or e-scooter reservations. Everyone plants a kiss on mom’s cheek calling out I love you’s as they pass by. Mom just wants to head to the gym to find the peace that will guide her through the rest of her day.

The Start of the Day©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

Daisies On My Porch Sill©

Copyright 2013-2019

by Felina Silver Robinson


Daisies on my porch sill
Soaking up the sun
The wind gently tugging at their pedals
The day slowly turns to night
The night sky brings their pedals to life
They begin to dance at the stars
With the moon as their partner
So happy to be alive
Now it’s time to rest
They relax for a time
Until the next morning’s light

Daisies on my porch sill

Are such a delight

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