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Guitarist J. Geils performed with the J. Geils Band in Boston in 2011. Geils was found dead Tuesday at his Groton home.

Thinking of George Michael. I was just thinking about him the other day and how much I miss hearing his music. Now, just like that, in the blink of an eye he’s lust to a heart attack. RIP George! Thank goodness your voice will carry on through YouTube and the like.

“Keith was a gentle soul whose love for music and passion for his performance as a keyboard player will remain unmatched for many years to come,” Carl Palmer says of ELP bandmate

Keith Emerson; Dead; Obit

A glamorous love story

David Bowie and supermodel Iman in 2011.

1. American Friday Night

2. Hometown

3. Carolina Blue

4. It’s Good To Be Us

5. Empty Handed

6. I’m Good

7. I’ll Walk

8. A Different World

9. A Father’s Love

10. Back When We Were Gods