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1. Are teens turning from cigarettes to hookahs? Study raises red flag. (+video)

2. Caribbean coral reefs could disappear “within a few decades”

3. Tiny Flying Robots Are Being Built To Pollinate Crops Instead Of Real Bees


4. Molecule in broccoli sprouts removes toxic pollutants from body

5. Debate Continues on Hazards of Electromagnetic Waves

  6. Custodian dies in accident at school

Emergency workers and others stood near Manomet Elementary School Monday afternoon.

7. Wisconsin Reactor’s Demise Shows Nuclear Towns’ Plight

8. Exxon’s Burst Pipeline Could Restart Within a Year, but Repair Plan May Be


Exxon’s pipeline stress test plan, obtained by ICN through a FOIA request, may

leave crack threats lurking in the 1940s-era pipe, expert says.

9. Seedy tale: Chinese researchers stole patented corn, U.S. prosecutors allege


10. Grain farmers press for delay on insecticide ban in Ontario

The Ontario Beekeepers’ Association says bees learned long ago to cope with viruses, unlike what supporters of neonicotinoids say. (Peter Power for The Globe and Mail)

11. China’s arid north feeds water-rich south

China's arid north feeds water-rich south

12. Ethiopia cultivates seed banks to lay famine ghost to rest

13. A California Oil Field Yields Another Prized Commodity

14. CDC survey says one-fifth of residents reported health issues after spill

15. Crossing, and protecting, a gem of a St. Croix River

16. Food packaging contains 175 potentially dangerous chemicals, new report finds

FOOD packaging contains potentially dangerous chemicals linked to cancer and

infertility, according to new research.

food, labels, packaging, dangerous, cancer, infertility, research, report, research, additives, contaminants

17. Phthalates are out of infants’ toys but a heavy dose is still in their food

18. Poop in the coop: Chicken farmer battles the EPA

If a court finds in Lois Alt’s favor, thousands of large farms could be exempt from

the Clean Water Act

Lois Alt

19. Study: Compliance with R.I.’s lead-paint law low, but children’s exposure reduced

20. Is Sandy Debris in Roxbury’s Fenimore Landfill Poisoning Town’s Children, Adults?

fenimore landfill resident

Environmentalists blame state and say new rules are needed

Chester Flattery, wife recently celebrated 25th wedding anniversary