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Changing of the Guard©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

Cancer Steals the Life of Valerie Harper

Grief Becomes No One

The Emotion Called Hope©

Today – Death Slapped Me In The Face©


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Yes, In My Little Town©

When it Matters©

The fact that the striking Tufts Nurses have a hopeful end in site. I’m not happy that they are locked out until Monday due to the 5 day contract that the fill in nurses have. I’m grateful that the hospital had the support they needed so that patients were cared for. I’m hopeful that the offer currently on the table is what the nurses need to be successful in their efforts to support one another. Thank You Nurses!



Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

Deep between the ink that has yet to dry on paper

You’ll find the truth

the lies

and the doubts

as they pour freely in view for all to see

What begins to rise upon the page are the questions

That don’t always have the answers you need to push forward

Something keeps you going

You wonder what drives you

But there’s no time to waste

Life is waiting for  you

and it’s up to you to live it