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I have suffered from Insomnia since the age of 12. A lack of sleep plagues many adults and children alike for various reason. The words of my sleep therapist still haunt me. She told me that “you have to want to sleep to get sleep”. When I first heard her say this, I didn’t want to believe it. But after thinking about it, I realized it was so true. I share with you a list of some things that keep people awake:

Here I share with you some alternative sleep methods or aids.

Help Kids Sleep All Night

Help for Adults




My nocturnal hours

Always awake,
Wishing for sleep,
Even though I fear it,
Dreams and nightmares taunting me in the brief moments I do sleep,
Admiring all those who can sleep,
I listen to the sounds the house brings,
I rise from rest to start the day since I know I won’t get my way to sleep deep and peacefully,
For now I say goodbye to my nocturnal hours as I give up trying to sleep and start the day,
See you a little later my dear nocturnal friend.