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Jason Small treated at hospital


1) Leaked Documents Reveal the Secret Finances of a Pro-Industry Science Group

The American Council on Science and Health defends fracking, BPA, and pesticides. Guess who their funders are.

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2) Year After Sandy, Rebuilding for Storms and Rising Seas

Many said the storm was a wake-up call to build for a warmer world. So are we?

Photo of a woman walking with her dog behind the boardwalk destroyed by hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

3) Canadian researchers use bees to drop pesticides on crops

Bumblebees and honeybees distribute fungi, bacteria, viruses while pollinating

The natural pesticides bumblebees carry are not harmful to humans or the bee.

4) Study shows PM1 air pollution is most harmful

5) A wireless electric bus that charges instantly at every stop

researchers at the Utah State University have tested an electric bus that does away with the arm and charges wirelessly through induction

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