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Helene Z. Miller, 93, proves you’re never too old to dance


Most days I sit with my mother who is recovering from a stroke due to her advanced breast cancer. I thought to myself, how can I fill the time with useful conversation.  I decided that once regular conversation about family was exhausted, I would dip into the vast pool of good news and uplifting stories.  Today I stumbled across this amazing site Bittersweet Monthly. Today’s heartwarming story is entitled Blackstone Bicycle Works

19-year-old Aaron Davis is a truly inspiring man who builds, rebuilds and fixes bikes.  He uses bikes to deliver packages and in his free time he races. Aaron is a true artist. He also loves to work with sculpture. So if you happen to be lucky enough to be in Chicago, you might want to look him up. Maybe, just maybe some of his talent will rub off on you.

I hope you enjoy this good news story of the day.

Majorie Moershner last seen Sunday night getting gasoline


A creative mother from Texas has been making Halloween costumes for wheelchairs including MarioKart, Batmobile and Ice Princess Carriage as a way to empower kids with spina bifida and other similar conditions

Woman’s actions inspiring others to shovel snow

10 Year-Old Girl Makes It Her Mission Every Year To Give Out Valentine’s Hugs To Those In Need