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Copyright 2014

by Felina Silver Robinson

The line between the warmth and cold
The reminder that winters on its way
A feeling that is sometimes welcomed when overheated from a run
But can be dangerous when you are unredressed
Frost can keep you awake but also has the power to knock you out
It’s a cool light coating
Packing more strength than you know
Frost is a silent killer of crops and plants
There are all types of frosts
There’s white frost, black frost, window frost and advection frost
Then you have to deal with its dew point
The atmospheric icing
Desublimation and the frost point
Don’t forget the liquid phase, the crystals
Water vapor, the supercooled droplets

Frost, sometimes visible sometimes invisible
Always cold and lingering just like love

Hanging On the Love Line©

Copyright 2014

by Felina Silver Robinson

You called me on the phone, I answered but I’m speechless
You pour out all the loving words you can muster
But I just sit on my sofa staring out into the open
With no expression or emotions
Listening to the same old same old has run me down
So they can see each other’s faces as they talk
Hanging on the love line is getting more than old
What a welcome comfort to know that within a circle
I don’t know how many times I’ve been told
That this is the last time I will need forgive your cheating ways
Everyone deserves better days
So I’m getting off of this love line
Because I know that there is something more in store for me
So keep your love line for the next one in line

Cheated Out Of Life© by Felina Silver Robinson

There once was a girl who never asked for much
But like every other kid she wanted to be noticed
She yearned to be loved and cared for
Like all the other members of her family
This is no Cinderella story
But it’s a truly unforgettable piece
She worked so hard day and night
Bud never did it please her
She never felt she had a house or a home for
Her parents never gave her any attention
Except when school called wanting to suspend her
All she did was nod off in class due to endless sleepless days
She didn’t want to close her eyes for fear she might be abandoned
An unloved child turned to the streets drinking smoking and using drugs
Anger built up striking out at innocent people before her
A stint in jail proves to be too much
She now her life has lost value and she wants to end it
We pray for her now as she lies lifeless
Body shaking and mind empty
We all stand by waiting for word wishing she had a chance at life
Instead she was cheated
Never having a job she could be proud of
Or the chance to marry the man she truly loved
No babies, no memories to carry forward
A life she wishes she could do over again

Note to my new readers: About my “Poetry Bursts”

 I give myself 30 seconds to one minute, and then write what comes to mind.

This is a fun writing exercise I give myself to come up with something different from what I might usually write.

I hope you enjoy the outcome.

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