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07/06/2013 — Leave a comment

This morning my daughters had breakfast with their best friends after their final sleepover before their friends left for France, where they would be through the end of August. The topic that my daughters decided to touch on during their meal was airplane crashes. That’s certainly not something that anyone should do before someone else has to fly. Their flight was departing from Boston at 2pm, but would be switching over in Iceland. At approximately 12:15pm, we know that they were in a taxi close to the airport so hopefully they will arrive safely in Iceland then in France.

At least two others on a flight that Seoul’s Aisiana Airlines on flight 214 from the I Chen International Airport earlier today. There were a total of 291 passengers on the plane and 16 of them were staff members. It has now been said that there are at least 60 pass angers unaccounted for. 28 people that received injuries had to be taken to local hospitals in San Francisco.

People that didn’t see a way out of the damaged plane found their own way out before they could connect the slide or allow them to use the stairs.

I personally don’t like to fly and took the chance on my honeymoon in February of 2011. Ironically, we traveled to both San Diego and San Francisco. Needless to say, my trip ended safely, but I didn’t know that this would be the case when I left home. I thought for sure that I was doomed and thanked the good lord for my safe return home.

Many people fly every day without thought or concern as if they were a passenger in a friends car. At least in a car you can often jump out if something goes wrong. In an airplane, that just isn’t feasible. Life is full of choices. One thing is certainly true and that is if you make the wrong choice, you might not be around to find out about it.

My heart goes out to all of those affected by the incidents surrounding today’s crash. May those wounded be healed, may those lost be found and cared for. May those that lost their lives be received by those they worship and may all the families remain strong and heal their hearts.