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Man offered her $20

Man had head injury consistent with fall, police say

A man’s body was found Sunday morning in a stream near Bradford and Goodall roads in Rindge, according to police.

I can see forever©

Copyright 2014

by Felina Silver Robinson
Blue skies
I sit and sigh
Thinking about that big blue sky
The sun sneaks up from behind the big puffy clouds
Sending them into oblivion for now
Now the sky is endless and seamless
I can see forever

What a handsome young man! See the similarities to he and his above predecessor? I learned from Dr. Jelinek's article that Curtis often demonstrated a deep philtrum (dimple above the upper lip) in his works.

The Art of Ralph D. Curtis – American Folk Artist Discovery

A simple dimple©

Copyright 2014

by Felina Silver Robinson

A simple dimple
Upon his smooth cheek
Causes a disturbance with all the young ladies
The simple dimple seems to be magnetic drawing them to the Italian Stallion
Who is the proud owner of two simple dimples planted firmly on his perfectly smooth face
What’s even worse is when he holds a glance you’re locked in until he lets you go
It’s amazing the power that just one simple dimple holds


Copyright 2014

by Felina Silver Robinson

Fall is a season
A season for falling
Falling in love
Falling leaves
Shedding pounds
Falling sounds
Fall is a season
When the weather changes
From hot to mild
From mild to cool
And from cool to cold
Sometimes without warning
Just because it’s fall so be prepared for whatever ever is falling

Note to my new readers: About my “Poem Bursts” – I give myself 30 seconds to one minute, and then write what comes to mind.

This is a fun writing exercise I give myself to come up with something different from what I might usually write.

I hope you enjoy the outcome.

OSHA investigates Yale campus accident

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These are some of mine. All of the pictures shown below were taken by Felina Silver Robinson and is the owner of the copyright for all five photos.



These are photos that I’ve taken over time in various places.  Hope you enjoy!


Leverett Pond, on the Riverway, Brookline, MA




Shaw’s Wharf, New Harbor ME



Truck pictured during our travels in Bristol, ME




The Inn at Round Pond | 1442 State Route 32 Round Pond ME 04564 | Phone: 207.809.7386 | Email: Contact Us | Facebook

We stayed here in July of 2013.  It was terrific.  We enjoyed a lot of time at Shaw’s Wharf in New Harbor, ME that was only minutes away from the B&B.


Barber Shop Halloween set up 10-5-10


Local Barber Shop in Brookline, MA at Halloween time


Fall in William Ward Park, Brookline, MA prior to it’s reconstruction


IMG_0639 IMG_0642

IMG_0644 IMG_0645


Ice Sculpture Show in Boston, MA – January 1, 2012