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Criminal Minds Cast Bids an Emotional Farewell to Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore, Criminal Minds


Michael Weatherly Is Leaving NCIS After 13 Seasons


1. Dream a Little Dream 2 (1994)

2. The Super (1991)

3. Class of 1999 2 – The Substitute (Some violence)

4. Mr. Destiny

5. Hard Lessons (1986) (Some violence)

1. Where The Lilies Bloom

2. James at 15 aka James at 16 – Pilot

3. The Power of One

4. Kirsten Dunst ‘The Devil’s Arithmetic’

5. Sarah T Portrait Of A Teenage Alcoholic

6. Return to Mayberry

7. Lightening Jack (1994)

8. Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986)

9. A Midnight Clear

10. Summer With My German Soldier

The Other Side of Heaven

This movie although not categorized as a comedy, felt much like one at least in the beginning. It starts off as a sad tale about a young man who leaves home to become a missionary in the South Pacific. He quickly taught himself the natives language to better aid him in his teachings. He becomes well respected and truly enjoys his work. So much so that his mission is extended. His love for his girlfriend back home is what drives him each day. It even helped him as he endured a brutal storm, which he survives and returns home to marry his true love. I hope you enjoy this amazing heart warming movie. I certainly did. Felina Silver Robinson



Christopher Gorham as John H. Groberg

Anne Hathaway as Jean Sabin

Joe Folau as Feki

Nathaniel Lees as Kelepi

Miriama Smith as Lavania

Alvin Fitisemanu as Tomasi

Pua Magasiva as Finau