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As a member of the Brookline Domestic Violence Roundtable, I implore you to read our call to action and do all you can to help your community and others to escape the horrors of Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence has life time systemic ramifications for all involved. Please don’t stand by and allow the violence to continue. Someone you know or love may need your help. Everyone deserves a helping hand when it’s needed. Why not make it yours!

Thank you in advance for your willingness to support those in need.

Felina Silver Robinson

A Daughter’s Wish©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

If you laugh

I may shed tears of happiness

For there hasn’t been a smile upon your face for a while

If you were to find time for me

I might be surprised

For he keeps you within arms reach

There are no longer moments meant for you and me

If you tired of him

I would rejoice

And just maybe I’d sleep

Because the moments spent worrying for you would slip away

If you stayed strong

I’d know, I no longer have to worry

Things could once again be as they once were

Peaceful with just me and you

Changes in the Wind My Friend©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

No longer will you get away with

All that you’ve done

Everyone is watching you

You have no say in where you might be going

The hand you passed the ball with

The hand that held me tight

Close in the dead of night

It’s the same hand that sent me crying

For fear of dying

When you threatened to keep on trying

Until someday when I wasn’t looking

You would come undone

And finish what you started

Well my friend

I just thought you just might want to know

That change is in the wind

Now the shoe will be on the other foot

You’ll be under the scope for all to see

So all that you’ve done will no longer be a secret

Everyone will know what you’ve done and l

Will be sitting in wait to pass judgement on you

Change is in the wind my friend

I’d like to see you quiver,

I’d even like to see you cry

Just so I know you are human

And have real feelings

Just like the rest of us

May you now learn how to treat me better

May you come to know true love

May you learn to give without having to take

May you learn how to both ask as well as give forgiveness

May you see the changes in the wind

And open your arms and embrace it

Copyright 2014

Changes in the Wind My Friend©


Sleeping With The Enemy

By Nancy Price

Side Note From Felina Silver Robinson: If you’re a fan of Julia Roberts you’ve most likely seen her in the movie version of this well written book entitled “Sleeping with the Enemy.” Julia’s husband is a narcissistic, anal retentive wife abuser. Julia has to find a way to escape his grasp and does so by faking her own death so that she can move away and start over. He’s no dummy though and catches up with her.  You’ll want to read the book to figure it all out.

More About The Writer: Nancy Price

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Man suspected of killing 7-year-old son held on $10 million bond

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please reach out to someone in trouble. Domestic violence affects everyone!

The Constantinos were found inside their daughter’s apartment near Sparks High School

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I’ve Had It©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014, 2015


There is no end to what I can do

No ease in what I have to say

I can do it with or without feeling

On any given day

But I’d like the comfort of you warmth


The feel of your touch

When we are together it’s just magnetic

Which is why I have to end it

Because I just can’t seem to get anything done


I’ve had it!

Patrick McCarthy, 35, arrested Tuesday night

Boston Police Flashing Police Lights

love should never kill you