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Diverse Beach Summer Friends Fun Jump Shot Concept

Diverse Beach Summer Friends Fun Jump Shot Concept

Snow, ice cause delays, cancellations at airports across country

BOSTON —JetBlue is temporarily shutting down operations Monday evening at several airports including Boston as the airline works to get passengers who were on delayed or canceled flights to their destinations.

The airline blamed a series of snowstorms, ice and new regulations on rest for pilots for hundreds of flight cancellations.

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“One thing is for sure, the beginning of 2014 sure hasn’t been kind to US aviation!” the airline wrote on its website.

Tips for surviving massive airline cancellations

Operations will be reduced at 1 p.m. at Boston’s Logan International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport to “ensure recovery of our operations as efficiently as possible and be fully operable by (Tuesday.)”

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The decision was made in light of weather forecasts that call for temperatures around zero and possible flash freezing.

The shutdown will last through 10 a.m. Tuesday, the airport said in a statement.

“At that time, we’ll gradually ramp up again — we intend to be 100 percent operational by 3 p.m. ET. This plan allows for 17 hours of rest for our equipment and crewmembers and time to service aircraft,” the airline said.

JetBlue urged customers ensure their contact information is in their record so the airline can send updated flight information.

Some passengers have been stuck at Logan for two days, sleeping on cots and in concourse chairs.

“My frustration level is here (puts hand above head) in case you want to know,” JetBlue passenger Roberta Reeves said.

“We’re supposed to be in the Bahamas Saturday, they want us to now land Wednesday,” she said.

Passengers say they’ve been bumped to flights throughout the week — some as far off as five days.

“They’re talking about Friday. Today is Monday,” another passenger said,

There are extra patrols in place to deal with the crowds.