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Twitter posts threatened Wu with death

Harvard unsure if death threat is credible

WALTHAM, Mass. —A letter was sent home to Kennedy Middle School parents Monday afternoon informing them of a “kill list” created by a student last week, our news partners at Wicked Local/Waltham reported.

The incident occurred on Friday after a teacher found three names on a desk listed below the title “Students who make fun of me,” according to the letter sent home. The teacher asked the student what the list was and the student responded, “This is my kill list,” according to the letter.

Waltham Police and the student’s parent were immediately notified and came to the school. School staff and police interviewed the student, according to the letter. An automated call also went out to parents Monday afternoon informing them about the incident and informed them that the letter would be coming home.

Principal Jack Cawley wrote in the letter that Kennedy Middle School administrators, along with those involved with the incident, were working collaboratively and the following actions were being taken:

  • The parents of the three students on the list were contacted and came to school.
  • The parents of the three students were briefed by school administrators and the Waltham Police.
  • A plan was generated to provide services and support for all the students involved.
  • Administrators and staff will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that students and staff are supported and feel safe.

The identities of the students involved were not disclosed.

Cawley and Superintendent Susan Nicholson were not immediately available for comment.