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Aerosmith’s Joe Perry doing well after getting sick at New York show

Joe Perry

Joe Perry in 2013. Aerosmith co-founder and guitarist Perry became ill on Sunday. July 11, 2016, while performing with Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper in his side band, the Hollywood Vampires, at Ford Amphitheater at the Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn.

(Wong Maye-E / AP)

Severe storm moved through New Hampshire fairgrounds

Peverley traded to Dallas Stars last year
AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

DALLAS — The game between Dallas Stars and the Columbus Blue Jackets was called off in the first period after Stars forward Rich Peverley, who once played for the Boston Bruins, collapsed on the bench.Dallas Stars and the Columbus Blue Jackets

Play was halted 6:23 into the game Monday night as Peverley was carried from the bench. A public address announcement was made several minutes later that the 31-year-old Peverley was conscious and taken to the hospital.

“They’re shaken and they want to reschedule. We understand that,” John Davidson, the Blue Jackets president of hockey operations, told Fox Sports Ohio. “They were shaken to the core.”

There was no immediate announcement of when the game would be made up. Columbus was leading 1-0.

Peverley missed the start of the season because of a procedure to correct an irregular heartbeat, a condition diagnosed during a training camp physical.

Flat commercial roofs are most susceptible

BOSTON —With rain in the forecast for Monday, emergency officials are warning Massachusetts residents about the dangers of roofs collapsing under the weight of heavy, wet snow.

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The rain could create roof ice dams that cause water buildup and lead to interior damage, according to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.

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“Dry, fluffy snow piled on roofs can act as a sponge, absorbing any additional moisture, adding weight and stress to structures if not cleared,” MEMA Director Kurt Schwartz said in a statement. “Flat, commercial roofs are most susceptible if they are not draining properly.”

Schwartz said that he also encourages everyone to make sure neighborhood storm drains are cleared to minimize local flooding.

Here are MEMA’s tips for preventing a roof collapse:

-Watch out for large snow build-up or snowdrifts on roofs, especially roofs that are flat or only have a slight pitch, like on garages, carports and porches.

-Remove roof snow from the ground with a snow rake from the hardware store if possible, but avoid touching power lines with a metal snow rake.

-Avoid working from ladders because they can become icy.

-Only shovel on a flat roof if it is safe to stand upon, but be careful to avoid a potentially dangerous fall.

-Clear flat roof drainage systems to lower risk of roof ponding if there is heavy rain or melting.

-Large icicles on roof overhangs don’t necessarily indicate ice damming, but they are dangerous and should be carefully removed if they are above doorways and walkways.

-Clear storm drains along curbs to prevent water from draining into cellars

-Keep neighborhood fire hydrants clear and accessible

Afn / Handout / EPA

View of the collapsed section of the Ensenada-Tijuana highway in Baja California, Mexico, Saturday.

By Alastair Jamieson, Staff writer, NBC News

A 300-yard section of scenic highway near the U.S. border collapsed Saturday, sinking up to 300 feet and forcing the closure of the route, according to reports.

Mexico’s federal highway authority says the collapse occurred about 58 miles south of the border city of Tijuana, according to The Associated Press. The road leads to the port city of Ensenada, on the Baja California peninsula.

The agency said it came after several earlier small earthquakes, ranging in magnitude from 1.3 to 4.3, combined with recent heavy rainfall, the AP reported.

The road had already seen evidence of fractures and sinking in recent days, according to a San Diego Union-Tribune report which said the small fractures suddenly turned into enormous cracks on the cliffside in the early hours of Saturday, plunging the highway deeper and toward the sea, with some parts caving almost 300 feet.

Afn / Handout / EPA

View of the collapsed section of the Ensenada-Tijuana highway in the Mexican state of Baja California, Saturday.

The Union-Tribune said the incident happened at the Salsipuedes stretch of highway toward Ensenada overlooking steep bluffs, only about 10 miles north of Ensenada and the San Miguel toll booth, and 56 miles south of the border.

Travelers are being diverted along an older, toll-free road further inland.

There were no victims reported and the highway will likely be closed for the next few weeks, authorities said.

Ensenada is home to the third busiest cruise ship terminal in Mexico and gateway to the rest of Baja by the sea, the Union-Tribune said.

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