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Witnesses say several people shot at church in Sutherland Springs, Texas

Officials hopeful First Spiritualist Church will be over new foundation Tuesday


A beating that lead to the death of a 19-year-old boy in a secretive New York church may have started because he wanted to leave the organization


My Poem of the Day


Confirmation Day©

Shiny patent leather shoes

White tights

White gloves

Sunday dress

Hat with a bow

Pews filled


Loved ones



Congregation members

Candidates partnered with their sponsors

Ministers and Bishops in place

The Choir

The Organist

The sun shining brightly through stain glass windows

Butterflies in tummy

While you wait in place

Words, prayers, praises and hymns

When it’s all over

The celebration begins

We are one together





Now let the journey begin

Copyright 2014

Confirmation Day©

Felina Silver Robinson

My ThrowBack Thursday

Poem of the Day #1 of 2


Naming Day

Alicia's Christening 1990

Early Sunday Morning

When the sky was a fluffy baby blue

You could see clearly til the next day

No seats left to fill

Family and friends from near and far

Gathered closely to hear me named

It was my “Christening Day”

The day I was named before all who cared

All dressed in white

Alert as could be

Ready and willing

Understanding nothing

But accepting all that came

Bouncy and nervous

Laughing then crying

Prayers and blessings

Being passed about

To and from

All those that will guide me

My heart became open to all that would come ahead of me

My head fully anointed

Greeted by all

Then the celebration began

Glad to be among all who celebrate me

On the day that I was named me, again

Before the lord

Copyright 2014

Naming Day©

Felina Silver Robinson

42-year-old suspect in child sexual assault case cannot attend church

Grace Ministries feeds thousands of people


Large rolling boulder stops inches from church