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Massachusetts hikers survive slide at Tuckerman Ravine

PORTLAND, Maine —When the snow on Tuckerman Ravine gave way under Adam Herman’s feet Sunday, it was the beginning of a 12-hour ordeal for the hiker from Oak Bluffs, Mass.

Herman was hiking back down from the summit with a friend when the mountain gave way, taking them with it.

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Herman is being treated at Maine Medical Center for a broken back, seven fractures in his right arm and a broken collarbone.

“We were having a blast,” Herman said. “Connor and I were just doing a day trip, and R.J. and Tristan were going to stay for a few more days.”

Herman was with his friend, Connor Lodge, at the summit at about 2:30 p.m. Saturday. In less than an hour, they would be hurtling down Tuckerman Ravine in an avalanche.

“I remember being in the air for a while,” Herman said. “I was able to think to myself, ‘Wow. I’ve been falling for a long time.'”

According to the ranger’s report, it was a 90-foot free fall and an 800-foot slide.

“I’d like, launch off ramps every so often, and I’d be in the air for a certain amount of time until I hit the ground again and keep going like that,” he said.

Herman was bleeding heavily but conscious. Lodge came to a stop further up and slid down to be with his friend. They realized they had to hike back up to a checkpoint to try to get help.

Just then, their friends R.J. and Tristan appeared.

“Tristan said, ‘Cuddle up close with each other. We’re going to go get help. Just hang tight,'” Herman said. “Yeah, he left us. It was really, really scary, the thought of that, but I didn’t know what else to do.”

Help came in stages. There was false hope at one point when they heard a snowmobile in the distance, but it faded away.

A pair of hikers climbed up from the AMC shelter, bringing company, food and blankets, and then finally the rangers at about 1 a.m. The slope was too steep for a sled, so Herman had to hike down himself, broken bones and all.

Would he do it again?

“In the spring time,” he said, laughing. “I was having a great time until that happened.”

Herman said he will be in a back brace for at least three months and has to have one more surgery on his arm. He said he hopes to go home to Martha’s Vineyard by Friday.

His friend, Lodge, is already out of the hospital and is at home recovering from a concussion, a lot of bruises and a couple of broken teeth.

Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office investigates death

Worker killed on Logan Airport tarmac

BOSTON —A worker was killed near a Logan Airport cargo terminal Monday night, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office said.

The incident occurred on the tarmac, but it did not appear the worker was struck by a plane.

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“The preliminary information is that an employee on the tarmac suffered fatal injuries after being hit by a truck as it was traveling in reverse in the area of a plane,” said Jake Wark, spokesman for the district attorney.

“It does not suggest that he was struck by a plane,” said Wark.  The death appears to be an accident.

State Police detectives along with troopers from the Logan barracks are investigating.

The victim’s name was not immediately released.


Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office investigates death

Julie Loncich/WCVB-TV

BOSTON —An individual was killed at a Logan Airport cargo terminal Monday night, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office said.

The incident occurred on the tarmac, but there is no indication that the person was struck by an airplane.

The call for fatal accident came in around 7:30 p.m.

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Electrical problem blamed for Malden fire

MALDEN, Mass. —Investigators are blaming an electrical problem for causing a fire that started early Christmas morning in Malden.

Firefighters said the fire started around 6:30 a.m. at 7 Coburn St.   A teenager smelled smoke and alerted her family to get out.

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No one was hurt, but the damage to the building was extensive and a number of Christmas presents were destroyed.

“The best present we all could have got is that everyone is OK,” said cousin Berthonya Joas. “So, you really can’t ask for much more right now.”

The Red Cross responded to the fire and is helping 15 people, including many children, who were displaced.


Brookline, NH firefighter pulls dying daughter from wreckage

Katie Hamilton pulled from crash by father

BROOKLINE, N.H. —A Brookline, NH, firefighter pulled a dying victim from a wrecked vehicle only to learn later the woman was his daughter, police said.

Katie Hamilton, 30, of Brookline, NH, died in a three-car crash on Tuesday morning at the intersection of routes 13 and 130, directly in front of the Brookline Safety Complex.

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“Her father was the one who pulled her out of the car without knowing it was her,” Brookline Police Chief William Quigley told

According to Quigley, Hamilton was southbound on Route 13 when she stopped to take a left turn onto Route 130.

Greg Cullen, 31, of Milford, was driving the Toyota Tundra that rear-ended Hamilton’s car and was not hurt. Investigators are looking into whether Cullen was distracted while driving, reported.

James Ciprotti, 37, the driver in the third car, was not hurt. His car hit Hamilton’s after her car was pushed into oncoming traffic by Cullen’s car.

“I know she (Hamilton) is a young mother,” Quigley said. “She’s been in the community a long time. Her family are impeccable people who are highly respected throughout the town and surrounding areas.”


Sources: Bullet found in school

WATERTOWN, Mass. —Watertown High School has a shelter in place order in effect Friday morning, according to the school.

Sources tell NewsCenter 5 that a bullet was found on a projector in a classroom and the order was issued.

Police are searching the school.

Administrators are considering releasing the students early, sources say.

This is the second time this month the school has been put in lock down.

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Woman struck by hit-and-run driver, police say

REVERE, Mass. —A woman was struck and killed by an apparent hit-and-run driver in Revere Tuesday night, police said.

Police said it appeared the woman was struck near a Revere firehouse and her body dragged to the intersection of Broadway and Taft streets.

The driver did not stop, police said.

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