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Guards charged with manslaughter in Joshua Messier’s death

Woman says son deprived of human contact for 6,300 hours

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BOSTON — A Brookline woman filed a lawsuit against the state prisons department Monday, saying her 31-year-old son has been restrained for long periods at a state psychiatric hospital in violation of state law.

Joanne Minich said in her complaint filed in Norfolk Superior Court that her son, Peter Minich, has been held in prolonged isolation at Bridgewater State Hospital and continuously deprived of almost all human contact and exercise for more than 6,300 hours since January 2013.

Peter Minich, who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, has also been placed in mechanical restraints for more than 800 hours over 12 months, for as long as 50 consecutive hours, according to the lawsuit.

The suit seeks an injunction to prevent further restraint and Peter Minich’s transfer to another hospital.

The lawsuit names as defendants the state Department of Correction, the top administrator at Bridgewater State and the contractor that provides mental health services at the hospital.

Bridgewater State deferred comment to the state Department of Correction, which did not immediately return telephone messages left seeking comment. A telephone message was also left for the contractor.

Peter Minich was civilly committed to the state Department of Correction facility after he was accused of assaulting staff at another state mental health facility. He has not been convicted of a crime.

“My son has an illness, in the same sense as someone with cancer or dementia. The last place he belongs is in a seclusion room behind a solid steel door,” Joanne Minich said in a statement.

State law prohibits the use of seclusion and restraint except for emergencies including “extreme violence” or “attempted suicide,” according to Joanne Minich’s lawyer, Eric MacLeish.

Minich was secluded and restrained for reasons such as “yelling,” ”bothering another patient,” ”standing on his sink,” and having “auditory hallucinations,” he said.

Investigators probe link to Hyde Park discovery

Bridgewater MA — One of two sets of burned human remains that were found in Hyde Park and Bridgewater last week has been positively identified by authorities.

The partial human remains recovered in Bridgewater have been identified through fingerprints as belonging to Dennis R. Jackson, 24, of Haverhill, the Plymouth County District Attorney said Wednesday night.

Authorities are investigating the possibility the remains found the same day in Hyde Park belong to the same victim.

The first discovery came Nov. 13 in Bridgewater on the Department of Corrections complex that includes Bridgewater State Hospital and the Southeastern Correctional Center. Fire crews found charred remains inside a barrel around 8 p.m. while responding to a fire scene.

Some 11 hours later, on Readville Street in Hyde Park — about 30 miles from the Bridgewater scene — more human remains were found by workers at an industrial building.

Two of those workers told NewsCenter 5 they detected a “barbecue-like” smell around 6:30 a.m. before finding a charred human torso — the legs, arms and head removed — in the back parking lot.

The identification of Jackson’s remains may be related to the search of a home on Liberty Street in Salisbury.

The Essex County District Attorney’s Office would only confirm a criminal investigation is underway. A spokesman said troopers assigned to the office were executing a search warrant.

Jackson, a father of three, may have known the occupant of the home.