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My heart is broken,’ Walsh said


A 2-year-old was airlifted to the hospital after suffering burns to her feet while walking along the shore of a Cape Cod beach Sunday afternoon



A Day At The Beach©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


Green grass tickles my toes

as I lay upon my blanket

My eyes closed

Listening to the cries of the seagulls flying overhead

I feel the sun burn against my skin

I smell the salty beach ocean

and the giggles of the children as they play all about

I hear a slap against the volleyball and bodies fall against the hot sand

There is nothing more glorious than a day on the beach

I sit up and enjoy a few chapters of my favorite book

a warm breeze whips against my ears

I snack on the fruits in the picnic basket

My daughters scream as the cold water slaps against their legs

and pulls at their feet

the sun begins to set

rain starts to fall

The crowd quickly packs up

The smell of the rain heightens the smell of the ocean

as it sends us on our way ending

Just another warm summers day


Ban comes after complaints from beachgoers, officials say

Cape Cod National Seashore sign

Officials say deer were overwhelmed by cold, collapsed

Can you imagine sitting with family or friends then seeing this giant hovercraft headed straight for you, no time to run, no time time to hide. The Russian military was conducting exercises and didn’t expect any beach goers for some unknown reason.

Russian beach-goers surprised by massive hovercraft – CBS News Video

Children Drowning

06/09/2013 — 2 Comments

This morning I was amazed to hear of the number of children that normally drown in a year. It was stated to be approximately 700 children a year. The message here is don’t take your young children to a beach and turn your back to read a magazine or a good book if you are not sure how good of a swimmer your child is or isn’t. Even if your child is a good swimmer, when in unknown waters, what they do know about swimming may change. The weather too also changes the way the water itself behaves. Be sure that when you are out on the beach as a family that all of you are the priority and not whether or not you get to even out your tan or read that good book. Family members are not replaceable. Some experiences are not ones we want to have to experience again. Enjoy your time in the water together!