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1. Haunted Mansion, Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Nathaniel Parker, Marsha Thomason, Jennifer Tilly, Eddie Murphy

2. Meet Dave (2008), Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Ed Helms, Scott Caan, Kevin Hart

3. Zookeeper (2011), Nick Bakay, Rock Reuben, Kevin James, Jay Scherick, David Ronn

4. Soul Surfer (2011), AnnaSophia Robb, Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt

5. We Bought A Zoo (2011), Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson

6. Flubber (1977), Robin Williams, Marcia Gay Harden, Christopher McDonald

7. RV (2006), Robin Williams, Robin Williams, Jeff Daniels,Cheryl Hines, Kristin Chenoweth, Joanna “JoJo” Levesque, Josh Hutcherson

8. Dr. Seuss The Cat In The Hat (2003), Mike Myers, Alec Baldwin, Kelly Preston, Dakota Fanning, Spencer Breslin, Amy Hill, Sean Hayes

9. Saving Mr. Banks (2013), Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Paul Giamatti, Jason Schwartzman, Bradley Whitford, Colin Farrell

10. The Princess Bride (1987), Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest, Wallace Shawn, André the Giant, Fred Savage, Robin Wright, Peter Falk, Peter Cook, Mel Smith, Carol Kane, Billy Crystal

1. Mute Witness (1994)

2. Malice (1993), Alec Baldwin, Nicole Kidman

3. Malice (1993), Alec Baldwin, Nicole Kidman

4. Death Dreams (TV 1991)

5. Just One of the Girls (1993 )

6. A Change Of Place

7. A Song From The Heart

8. Onassis: The Richest Man in the World (1988), Jane Seymour

9. Invisible Child

10. Empty Cradle (1993)

Mayor Who?

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Alec Baldwin Will Get to Be the Mayor of New York City After All! (For a Role)

Alec Baldwin

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SNL 40th Anniversary Special, Betty White, Bradley Cooper, Kerry Washington, Eddie Murphy, Justin Timberlake