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Self Loathing Again©

Empty Is©

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Empty Is©

Days End©

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Days End

Daisies On My Porch Sill©

Copyright 2013-2019

by Felina Silver Robinson


Daisies on my porch sill
Soaking up the sun
The wind gently tugging at their pedals
The day slowly turns to night
The night sky brings their pedals to life
They begin to dance at the stars
With the moon as their partner
So happy to be alive
Now it’s time to rest
They relax for a time
Until the next morning’s light

Daisies on my porch sill

Are such a delight


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My Way to Happiness©


Change the bad that you’ve become

So that only the good is known once you’ve gone


Felina Silver Robinson

copyright© 2017

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