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Boats, trucks, cars all burn in brush fire that crosses Interstate 15 outside Los Angeles

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From 2013: Brookline Police hunting for wild turkeys that terrorized citiziens.

1. Oil and Gas: Spills up 18 percent in U.S. in 2013

2. Frogs’ immune systems weakened by chemicals, study finds

3. Toxic Plumes: The Dark Side of Silicon Valley

4. Getting Beyond Just Wheat, Corn and Rice

Some uncommon grains have environmental advantages that could be beneficial in a changing world. But making the uncommon common can be difficult.
Mature millet in field

5. ‘Cancer villages’ alert China to urgent water crisis

6. Treasure Island: The People of Tangier Their Life, Land and Heritage Could Wash Away

7. Trove Of Toxic Mercury Lurks In Arctic Sea Ice

Environment: Ice-core analysis shows more methylmercury will enter Arctic food chain as climate change speeds up ice melt
Photo of researchers sampling ice cores from an Artic sea-ice floe

8. Environment: Scientist Warn of Rising Oceans from Polar Melt

9. Wildfires: Southwest struggles to adapt to year-round fire season

Oklahoma firefighter

10. Safety debate eyes taming Bakken crude before it hits rails

Safety debate eyes taming Bakken crude before it hits rails Photo: SHANNON STAPLETON

11. Feds Reach Settlement Agreement To Recall Buckyballs


12. Children of Smoking Addicts More Likely to Become Heavy Smokers

The study is the first to give an intergenerational view of the impact a parent’s behavior has on children.

A person smokes a cigarette.

13. Woman, Sterile From Mom’s Pregnancy Drug at 25, Gets Mother’s Day Miracle Baby

PHOTO: Judith Helfand and her healthy baby girl Theodora, who arrived in April, 2014.

14. Mine Incident: Two deaths confirmed at Patriot Coal mine in Boone County, WV

Two miners killed in Patriot Coal mine in Boone County, WV

Residents advised to bring bird feeders inside


The fire has crossed Richardson Road East in Parkerville.

More than 20 homes may have been lost in the Perth Hills area in Western Australia as firefighters battle an out-of-control bushfire.

Emergency warnings are in place for the fire, which started this morning in Parkerville and moved rapidly to surrounding areas.

It is currently burning in a number of suburbs including Parkerville, Stoneville and Mount Helena.

Russell Jones from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) says more than 20 homes may have been lost, though the exact number remains unclear.

“The fire is still out-of-control and uncontained,” he told ABC local radio.

“It has covered approximately 250 hectares. We’ve got 50 appliances on the scene and approximately 100 firefighters.”

He says some firefighters have gone down with heat exhaustion with hot temperatures making fire-fighting extremely difficult.

He says sightseers must stay away from the area.

“We’ve had several reports that there are many people moving through the area looking at the damage and it is making our firefighting efforts extremely difficult.”

The fire is throwing embers and has flames of 20 metres high.

Homes have been evacuated and people have fled to emergency centres.

Mr Jones says he hopes a drop in winds and a cool change overnight will help firefighters control the blaze.

Residents grab essentials as fire approaches

One local resident, Peter, has told ABC local radio embers are falling onto his home near Mount Helena.

He planned to secure his horses and grab a few essentials before leaving his property.

“We are going to get the hell out of here. We are leaving everything,” he said.

Fire burns through a home on Ayres Road in Stoneville, WA, on January 12, 2014.

“We are just taking our animals, our main clothes; we’ve got our tax files in a box. That’s it.

“We are leaving everything else, it can burn, it doesn’t matter.”

Another resident, Gavin, evacuated from his parents’ home.

“I saw the orange helicopter, it was probably two properties down, so it is coming towards that area, Mount Helena, pretty quick,” he said.

Water-bombing planes are at the scene along with 70 crews from 17 brigades.

DFES says the fire could burn for days, and extra resources are being organised.

Road closures are in place including Richardson Road.

Essential information

Most snowy owls seen since 1943

RYE, N.H. —Snowy owls are causing a stir in southern Maine and the New Hampshire seacoast.

Kristen Lamb of the Center for Wildlife in York, Maine, told the Portsmouth Herald that the last time the region saw so many of the yellow-eyed, snow-white owls was in 1943, and this year could be a record-breaker.

The owls live in the Arctic, but when their population spikes or the lemmings they eat are scarce, young birds fly south. Bird-watchers recently reported sightings in dozens of locations across the Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states as far south as Cape Hatteras, N.C.

The wildlife center in York has cared for three weak snowy owls found along the coast. One was rehabilitated and released but two others died.







Snowy owls shooting halted near airport runways in New York

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