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First day jurors are canceled in six counties. First day jurors in Suffolk County should plan to arrive at 10 a.m. Monday

Storm Delays Court Openings in Seven Counties Monday


The Storm©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


People rushing about to get the last of food off the store shelves

Everyone stocks up on shovels, candles, dry ice and the like

Don’t leave your car on empty

Who knows what you my run out of

But who are we kidding

Once the snow comes

No one will be going anywhere

Everyone sits by the window watching the snow fall

Dreading the moments we’ll have to clear it away

Wondering when will it ever end

The kids are all happy for they know they’ll be no school

They can build some snowman, make snow angels and sled down multiple hills

Rows of hot cocoa will line every counter

Huge plows will clear the roads

While their drivers are wishing they were home

But coffee keeps them going until they’ve made us all safe

The storm awaits for an opportunity to do it all again

So take cover and wait until it’s safe to venture out

You wouldn’t want to have to wait until they can thaw you out

2. Dante’s Peak

2. Tornado

3. Super Storm

Hurricane Joaquin menacing Bermuda

Minor injuries reported

lea with hail


Expect The Unexpected!©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015


It’s a Summer Tuesday afternoon. Your expecting rain, maybe a thunderstorms. Half your children are home safe, the others are still out and about. You begin to worry as the sky darkens and the wind begins to blow. You hustle your way in the front door and settle for a while. As you begin to feel more comfortable, comfort slowly slips away because hale is on the way. The snap, crackle and pop of the thunder and lightning follow by the pellet sounding hail as it bangs at the side of the house, makes your heart sink. Emotions are running high. Everyone is fearful while excited by the unknown. Fire engines sound when lightning strikes and sets a house on fire. Car alarms sing as their windshields shatter, tree limbs and leaves scatter all about. Trees randomly collapse as residents run for cover. The noise dies down, you think its safe to investigate, you tip toe out the door as if hiding from a stranger. As soon as your foot hits the porch, again the lightning strikes and the rain pours down and the thunder torments you with its howl. But as soon as you give up and are ready to let the storm win, the sun returns, the wind disappears and pushes away the clouds.

All of this is hit or miss on a day we all didn’t expect the unexpected!

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