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Crews from several communities fight fire

Our Storm Of The Century©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


As if waking from a nightmare

We woke to the end of yet a third storm

It brought us

Two more feet of snow

Impassable streets and roads

Parking bans

Deplorable T Service

Cancelled flights

Collapsing Roofs

Chaotic supermarkets

Bare  store shelves

School closings

Days off from work

Talk of cancelled April Vacations

Snow plow deaths

Missing Pets

Inaccessible fire hydrants

Burning homes

Fire related deaths

Skidding Cars

On the bright side…

We now have snow for skiing into April

Picturesque views

And free partitions from unwanted viewers

And 2nd place for the snowiest month of snow

While we are breaking records

And praying for no more significant snow

Our friendly groundhog has gone into hiding

Uncertain whether he’ll show his face at all next year

We are wondering

If our trains will ever fully recover

If we will ever get to enjoy a family vacation any time soon


If we will be able to look back on this winter without contempt

If you were lucky to survive then be glad that you saw first hand

A record-breaking Winter no one will soon forget

Flat commercial roofs are most susceptible

BOSTON —With rain in the forecast for Monday, emergency officials are warning Massachusetts residents about the dangers of roofs collapsing under the weight of heavy, wet snow.

Photos: 2011 ‘historic’ roof collapses in Massachusetts

The rain could create roof ice dams that cause water buildup and lead to interior damage, according to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.

Photos: Blizzard 2014 in pictures

“Dry, fluffy snow piled on roofs can act as a sponge, absorbing any additional moisture, adding weight and stress to structures if not cleared,” MEMA Director Kurt Schwartz said in a statement. “Flat, commercial roofs are most susceptible if they are not draining properly.”

Schwartz said that he also encourages everyone to make sure neighborhood storm drains are cleared to minimize local flooding.

Here are MEMA’s tips for preventing a roof collapse:

-Watch out for large snow build-up or snowdrifts on roofs, especially roofs that are flat or only have a slight pitch, like on garages, carports and porches.

-Remove roof snow from the ground with a snow rake from the hardware store if possible, but avoid touching power lines with a metal snow rake.

-Avoid working from ladders because they can become icy.

-Only shovel on a flat roof if it is safe to stand upon, but be careful to avoid a potentially dangerous fall.

-Clear flat roof drainage systems to lower risk of roof ponding if there is heavy rain or melting.

-Large icicles on roof overhangs don’t necessarily indicate ice damming, but they are dangerous and should be carefully removed if they are above doorways and walkways.

-Clear storm drains along curbs to prevent water from draining into cellars

-Keep neighborhood fire hydrants clear and accessible