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Baby, It’s More Than Cold Outside!©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


We wake to the cool of the house

The children attempt their morning showers

But the pipes are frozen

And the water has an unfriendly chill

So everyone moves forward with a chilled sponge bath

Thank goodness the heat hasn’t abandoned us

Everyone functions in slow motion

Dreading what is before them as they

Leave the warmth of the house behind

They scurry towards the car

Like squirrels to hide their parcels

I’m left to lock up the house

The cold air takes hold of my neck

Holding tight like a noose

I work frantically to

Seal the lock

Then rush forward to find warmth

in the comfort of our car

As we pull away

The sun glistens and I see a shadowy figure

That almost resembles a laughing ball of ice

Could it be that this cold day is taunting me?

Baby, It’s  More Than Cold Outside!

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