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Clinton wins NJ; Trump takes NJ, NM, SD; Sanders wins ND

hough many returning candidates are running unopposed, there are contested seats for Town Meeting members in five of the 16 precincts

Brookline Voter's Guide: May 3 Town Election

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Live updating vote returns, delegate counts

Commitment 2016

No Matter What Party You’re Voting for the only way your voice will be heard is if you get out there and VOTE!


Massachusetts Primary day on Super Tuesday in Longmeadow on 3/1/16. (Dave Roback / The Republican)

Friday I cast my vote via absentee ballot, but today on “Super Tuesday”, as I dropped off my children the lines were wrapped around the High School I once roamed the halls of. Eager, anxious, voters who want their voices to be heard cast their votes between Republicans or Democrats each with their own strong opinions. My only fear is that all sense will disappear and that voters will vote for the loudest voice they hear. I fear that they will find comfort in empty promises and idle threats thrust about between the candidates. My thoughts are geared toward the future and to the world that we will leave our children and their children. Will it even exist after all this? I pray that voters don’t pull us backward to a time we worked so hard to move away from. I truly hope that change is truly what voters are after and not an regression there is no return from. Yes, change is what is needed but there is clear and obvious path that needs to be taken to get there. One wrong move and we all lose.

Please cast your vote based on fact, the good of our country and a safe future for our children.


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