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Victims tied up, beaten with hammer police say


Violent crime rising in US cities, study finds

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Student’s violent arrest caught on video; officer under investigation

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My Poem of the Day


I don’t want to go to school for fear someone will shoot me

No metal detectors can stop them

They know how to get past them

I don’t want to go to a mall because someone might shoot me

In the restroom, maybe the garage or it might just be the elevator

I’m afraid to go to watch a marathon

because it’s already been proven that they’re not safe

This is my home and I don’t like what’s happening all around me

A boy died in a drive by shooting mistaken for his uncle

A girl died in her bed when a gun fired and shot through both her living room and then her bedroom

Leaving the bullet lodged directly in her heart

A nine-year old boy happily playing on his porch shot to death in a drive-by aiming at the wrong house

This is no way for anyone to live

So we must clean up our act

And have a plan of attack

So we are no longer the mistaken target

This can no longer go on around me!

Every day when I hear the news I’m sickened more and more. Everyone wonders why children don’t respect their elders anymore. If those asking the question really put some thought into it, they would know the answer.  How are our children supposed to learn respect if the adults they look up to are committing such grievous acts? Every day there is some adult committing a hate crime, sex crime, a theft, a murder, etc. It’s no wonder that our young children have headed straight into violence at a younger age. Today’s young kids are “accidentally” shooting themselves with guns belonging to adults. We have young kids raping and murdering their teachers, killing their parents and other family members or just shooting up or stabbing school classmates, and/or their teachers.  What will it take to get people to understand that violence is not the resolution to any problem?

We generously open our doors to all those seeking refuge, education, or just a place to visit.  Most people are grateful to be here. They fit in nicely and make a home for themselves and become a part of our family.  Others decide they have to kill as many of us as possible, the more the merrier.

Obviously, there is no easy resolution to our current situation. However, until we clearly send the message that no level of violence will be tolerated, we will continue to fall victim to all that lies ahead at the hands of some of the most violent people out there.

We should consider raising bail amounts for those committing sex crimes. $5,000 bail is an insult to those who have been sexually violated.  Any sexual or violent crime should have a minimum bail amount of at least $100,000. No ones life should be devalued. It’s insulting to think that such crimes mean so little within any criminal justice system.  Most criminals have no remorse for their actions, while victims are trapped for a lifetime because of what they endured. Some can learn to live with their tragedies, others end up being miserable for the rest of their lives or end up taking their own life because they couldn’t endure the pain.

We need to re-educate our society and let them know that all life is meaningful.  If they believe that there is a place for all who want to be here then I’m certain they will do everything and anything to fight to keep it whole. People need to come together all the time, not just when tragedy strikes. Each day we fight the battle of life. We all play a role in making sure that the place we call home a place we can continue to be proud of calling home. It is said that “it takes a village to raise a child”. I say “It takes every country and all its people to make the world a place worth living.”

The only thing civilians should be armed with is the determination to make this place we call home a safer and more desirable place to live. Take back the right to guide your children, truly teach them right from wrong. The most important tools you have are love and time. That is what our children are looking for, but lately they haven’t gotten enough of it, so they look elsewhere for something or someone to call or think of as their family.

I hope we can change things now so that we can strengthen our chances for a better tomorrow.

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