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Homeowners reported a knocked-over mailbox with ‘significant’ blood nearby

Pelham, N.H. —Pelham police are investigating a “significant amount of blood” that was found near a knocked-over mailbox on Marsh Road Sunday morning.

Police responded to 199 Marsh Road just before 9 a.m. after the homeowners reported a pool of blood next to their mailbox.

There was also a painter’s hat found nearby.

Officers processed the area as a crime scene because of the amount of blood, but say there is no victim and therefore cannot call it a crime.

The homeowners told police they heard a man and woman arguing around 2 a.m. and reported seeing taillights in their driveway.

It wasn’t until Sunday morning that they realized there was a problem.

Officers checked the area and said they are fairly certain the blood is not from an animal.

Investigators have called area hospitals but say no one has reported injuries that could be related to the incident.

Anyone with information should call Sgt. Anne Perriello or Officer Brian Barbato at (603) 635-2411.

News 9 will update this story as information becomes available.