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Family was attending gathering when boys went outside to play


My Destiny©

Stumped by the beauty of the day

Destiny takes hold of my hand

Begging me to tag along

I tread lightly

Not wanting to disrupt

The tranquility

Hopeful to extend my stay

No questions

No answers

Just existence

Life decides my fate

Please hurry and show me the way

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson

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The Seed©

The seed well planted

Is the idea that survives once its been told

The idea that gains a life of its own

Once you’ve taken hold of it

As the years go by

Others take from this idea and make it their own

The seed that was once planted

Can now make it on its own

It needs little nourishment

Because it was once soundly planted

On the idea of its own making

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson

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The twin is the pair who fight alone

Each for an identity of their own

While they may look-alike or much the same and know the others feelings

They have their own mind and their own feelings

The twin is often at odds with its partner

Mostly just out of fear of losing their individual self

Twins are just your ordinary odd couple both

At odds with one another

As well as themselves

Without each other their happiness fades

When forced to exist on their own

It’s possible

However, emptiness will always remain

As it does for anyone who loses a piece of themselves

Hold on to your sorrow for as long  as they have the other

Their happiness will continue to flourish

For twins have untapped strength and determination

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson

Pregnant woman attacked, loses twins

pregnant woman attacked loses twins_00002518

Rob, John Snaza made history on Election Day in Washington state

Identical twins elected sheriff

My Poem of the Day


Irish Twins

School picture 6 Felina School picture2

Sisters by blood

Sisters with love

Sisters that no distance destroys

Though tattered and torn

Aching and ailing

Still the same not to worry

It’s amazing near or far

That one knows what the other feels

That one knows what the other is thinking

That one knows the other is in danger

It’s amazing that two different bodies

Can suffer the same medical diseases

Limb by limb

Heal the same

Hurt the same


Want the same

We are the same but different

One married

One single

One with children

One without

Both with cats

One with more

One with less


The same but different

We’re “Irish Twins”

Copyright 2014

Irish Twins©

Felina Silver Robinson

Twin views brother as extraordinary

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Twins are healthy, doing well



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