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Should I Tell?©

Copyright  2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

I bite my tongue

I hold on tightly to the words

I really want to say

I respect your feelings

Even though my insides are bursting at the seams

I know I should never tell

But this story is too big to stop

I question my strength

I ask myself

Should I

I just don’t know what to do

I am not a betrayer

But some secrets are just too big to hold onto

So I’ve written it down

And locked it up

For safe keeping

Now you know

You can always

Trust me


Copyright 2014

by Felina Silver Robinson

It’s quiet
I now have time to think
To clear my mind of all the cobwebs
All the talk, the nonsense, and the rumors
Trust is where it should be
There’s no lying or cheating here
No need for cross examination
Nor giving the 3rd degree
My ears are open
And I sit here willing to believe you
Trust is what is needed to go from start to finish


Copyright 2014

by Felina Silver Robinson

Nature is free
It’s beautiful when it wants to be
And it belongs to all of us
Nature is lives and nature dies
But should come as no surprise
That sometimes nature kills
Not because it wants it’s just its design
Its power and its strength wraps itself around you
Sometimes it whisks you up and then tosses you away
Sometimes it watches you then strikes you down and then leaves you
Sometimes it rises up and swallows you whole and spits you out when its done
Hopefully you’ll survive nature’s wrath to prove to her that you can treat her right

I’ve got you©

Copyright 2014

by Felina Silver Robinson

When all is wrong and all is right
I’m glad to know that I’ve got you
When my heart is aching when mom is gone
When she’s not coming back because
God has come and taken her
When dad couldn’t live without out her
And left in haste to join her
I know you’ll be there to hold me
When all the children are gone
To start their lives making their own families
I know you’ll find a way to keep me happy
I thank the lord that I found you

Note to my new readers: About my “Poem Bursts” – I give myself 30 seconds to one minute, and then write what comes to mind. This is a fun writing exercise I give myself to come up with something different from what I might usually write. I hope you enjoy the outcome.


It’s Become Clear To Me©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015


It’s become clear to me

That I can no longer see

Through these rose-coloured glasses

You’ve given me

The more I see

The angrier I get

The whispers and the stares

Won’t stop following me

Your betrayal has become

More than I can bear

Now I wear dark glasses

So no one can see

My blood stained eyes

From all you’ve done to me

I’ve replaced the locks

Thrown out your clothes


Change my numbers

So you’ll no longer be able

To lie to me

Don’t bother to waste your time

Calling after to me

I can no longer hear you

Or feel you near me

Since all has become clear to me

Rational Reasoning©


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