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Find a safe place to keep all these things just make sure they are never in your wallet. Don’t let a thief steal your identity!



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Soulless is the creature that kills without thought or regret
Soulless is the mother who discards her child like last nights dinner
Soulless is the teacher who refuses to teach the disabled
Soulless is the owner who refuses to serve someone because of their skin color
Soulless is the man who wears I white sheet and peers through the empty eye sockets and becomes judge, jury, and executioner of the innocent
Soulless are those who care not for the pain that they cause to anyone
Soulless are those that take what doesn’t belong to them
Soulless are those that bite the hand that feeds them

Everyone starts off innocent
Everyone chooses the road they take
I hope you’ve chosen the right road

I often see and hear the word “poor”. Sometimes I wonder if those who use it truly know the meaning of the word. Which by definition means “lacking enough money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.” Someone once referred to me as being poor and it truly bothered me and I’m not sure why. I do now that there were days when I was a single parent that I felt the way, but the truth is, no matter what, my children always had a roof over their hood in a town that people fight to live in. They were never unable to attend a birthday party without a gift. They were always able to go with their friends on outings. I couldn’t afford to send them on other trips like skiing because I was saving for Christmas or birthdays. Everyone always received grandiose gifts. My children always had clothes that fit and had no holes unless they wanted them. They all have whatever electronic gadget you can think of. I’m certainly not rich, but by the definition of the word, I’m not poor.

I also often think of those that are actually poor. Those who have to sleep outdoors at night because they are too proud to go to a shelter. Others that live in countries that just don’t have the means to help the poor or just choose not to help them. I think of all those people who go to bed or wake up poor because their home was ravaged by fire and they lost all that they owned, but are still happy to be alive.

The truth is people improperly use the word poor every day. It saddens me, because I truly believe they don’t understand the true meaning of the word and therefore can’t really be is pathetic to those truly in the position of being poor. No one wakes up one day and says “hey, I’ve decided I want to be poor”.

My only reason for posting this is to hopefully raise awareness in others and to hopefully get them to think about the way they use certain words.

Woman solves the murder of her friends from decades earlier.

This reminds us all when you really want something, even time can’t get in your way.

A couple of months ago the Brookline Poet Laureate put out a call to Brookline residents asking for submissions of Poems and/or songs about Brookline.  Please click below to see the posted results of the call.  I wrote both a poem and a song.  I hope you enjoy the submissions.

Despite the want of Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley to find the killer of a young 19-year-old Joseph Morante, I have not seen or heard any news about his case over the last couple of days. I know that his family is suffering deeply along with his newly named fiancé. No one in Morante’s saw his killing coming. Morante was a promising young man. Capable of so many things. Full of hopes and dreams like the rest of us. His senseless murder cannot go unsolved. The elder Joseph Morante deserves to see his sons killer brought to justice. Young Joseph left this world on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 1:30pm. Lets hope that too much more time doesn’t pass before we hear of some progress in his case. My heart continues to be with all members of the Morante family, as well as those searching for his killer. May peace be with you all.

Trapped inside the shell of my body

We come into this world in a perfect little shell
Full of chances, promises and opportunities
We have to do our best to keep up our outer shell
That’s what people see when they look at us
It’s what they see when they decide…
…decide to befriend us, love us, hire us, learn from us or whether they want to be like us
Treat your shell well because in the end that’s what people will see..
…see when your time is done and they just want to remember you.