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MBTA board votes to raise fares amid protests

I try very hard not to let things get to me. This world is a big place and is home to all sorts of people. We can’t manage everyone’s thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. Regardless, you have to know that if you see a mother in the freezing cold with two crying children, you should offer to aid her in any way you can. As you will read here a mother stood helpless with her two young children in the midst of yesterday’s chaos at Kenmore square. Many residents have no alternative than to be at the mercy of our MBTA system which has many problems. On this cold and storm filled morning Yolanda just wanted to do what she does every week day by taking her children to daycare so she could get to work. I’m sure she anticipated problems, I’m sure no one was imagining two hours or more of problems. The situation was worse because there were no MBTA officials around during the time to update riders as to what was going on or to offer solutions to what was going on. It’s only because a helpful Stan Forman who is a NewsCenter 5 photographer wanted to reach out to her that we even have the story. In seeking help for  Ms. Brown he tried to get help from a “T” worker who had no intentions of giving aid to anyone. What kind of employee just ignores its customers without cause or insinuates that one of the customers just wants to get on TV and proceeds to walk away without helping? I’m certain that this is not at all how the MBTA has trained its employees to handle such situations. You never walk away from those in need of your help.

While I understand that the MBTA is running on somewhat of an archaic system, they still have to be aware of the fact that their customers pay a lot of money for transportation and the least they could do is be out on the platforms in force to aid with delays and letting people know what’s going on and address issues such as Yolanda Brown’s. I hope that the employee gets fired for his blatant disrespect and mistreatment of paying customers of the MBTA. A lunch and a tour of the facility is nice but it doesn’t make up for the time, money, or inconvenience that those involved incurred.

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