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Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

Sometimes we think we know what someone means
Dare not assume you know the answer
You may end up wasting precious time unnecessary

Sometimes the words you heard weren’t meant the way you heard them
Ask those that speak to clarify what you’ve heard
Too many friends, family members, bosses and the like are torn from those they needed
Because misinterpretations

Our hearts yearn for a perfect world
But we all spend too much time overworking things especially our thoughts
Forgetting that there is somewhat a natural order to things
Sometimes we don’t realize that we get in the way of that in which we are searching for
With all our over-thinking and misunderstanding ways
Sometimes we are our own worst enemies

Time will forgive us all, but we must learn to forgive ourselves
Stand back, let the world interpret you and don’t you interpret it




Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


People talk

They sometimes listen

They’re always judging

Sometimes they lie

Sometimes they’re honest

They’re often guilty

People are good at heart

Always willing

Sometimes forgetful

Often overbearing

But always needing answers

Often hopeful knowing that tomorrow holds the key to happiness

People are the answer to tomorrows problems

Together, the best is yet to come for all