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In Between Happiness and Fear

In Between Happiness & Fear©

Sounds of happiness replaced by

Sounds of sadness and fear

Don’t get caught up in either

Or you will miss all that comes in between

What would you be missing, you ask?


I can’t decide to take the life of another

Despite their taking without hesitation the life of others

History has taught us

A life for a life

But what is the value in that

Does everything need to have a placement of value

How confused I am

I know in my heart to kill is wrong

I just don’t want to own the decision to hurt another

For the memories who haunt me the rest of my days

I will remain Undecided©

By Felina Silver Robinson

mothers day2

Without you mom

There would be no me

My beautiful children would not exist

My beautiful grand-daughter would not exist

Because of you mom

We can say

Happy Mother’s day to three generations of your love

Thank you

For giving me life

And raising me up

To give me the chance to be a mother

And giving me the chance to pass that on

There is no other gift greater

Than that of being a mother and a grandmother all at once

If I could turn back the hands of time

I would wipe away





And Ignorance

I would make people

Accept all differences between

Themselves and others

self definition




Life's Tools

bent on destruction