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Average fare hike of about 9.3 percent


Advocates say service critical for disabled, elderly people

Personal note from Felina Silver Robinson: It appalls me that every time services are set-up to aid those in need, the people in charge find a way to hike the price and decrease the services. Other times when there is no charge for the service, charges are suddenly created. While I understand that costs increase, something that’s meant to be affordable must remain affordable otherwise it’s no longer truly a service meant to aid anyone other than those collecting money. Fundraising has to become an integral part in keeping things affordable. People spend money every day on things they don’t need. Those that can afford it, should give to services that need funding.  Donating should be set up as an electronic option so that it is easier for everyone that wants to give. There are many ways to make donating easier so that no crucial services have to become unaffordable for those in need. Someone also might want to make sure that all funds involved are being appropriately managed.