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Incident happened Tuesday night in Florida

Image result for Car catches fire: Driver blames exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Basis Peak smartwatch recalled



Product will be phased in worldwide over the next few weeks


Company blocking mobile browser access to messages on Android phones


Google Fiber may soon be taking to the airwaves


Apple Confirms iOS 9.3 Causes iPad, iPhone Problems

Apple iOS 9.3. Image credit: Gordon Kelly

Apple iOS 9.3. Image credit: Gordon Kelly

Apple Leak Reveals ‘Edgeless Display’ New iPhone

iPhone 8 concept showing an 'edge-less display'. Image credit: Marek Weidlich

iPhone 8 concept showing an ‘edge-less display’. Image credit: Marek Weidlich

The latest update to the iPhone and iPad appears to have introduced a bug that causes apps and devices to freeze and crash

Ray Tomlinson, the creator of email, has died

Ray Tomlinson is seen in this 2009 photo.

Bioengineers at Rice University recently found that different drops from single fingerpricks on multiple subjects varied substantially.

Vials of blood at an American Red Cross donation center in February. Gary Cameron/Reuters.