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I’d love to hear your 666 stories and or Friday the 13th experiences,

I must say, with a daughter being born on Friday the 13th and my dad being born on June 6th at 6pm. My life has been pretty interesting. One of my cats who never wines or makes a sound was wining something fierce today, so I said to my husband “maybe the spirits of the house are restless and they’re scaring her”. My husband just laughed and said “maybe”.

My Sweet, Lucky, Friday the 13th

Friday, January 13th, 1981
My Stomach was on fire
I couldn’t understand the pain, I had never felt anything like it before
I was rushed to the hospital as fast as could be
Up on a bed, being picked and prodded
The doctored turned to say
You have a little baby on the way
A month and half early
Tests had to be done
To be certain that all was ok
An amniocentesis needle stuck inside me
The needle was dirty, I had been injected with Listeria
My vital signs went crazy, the baby was in jeopardy
At 7:13 on Friday the 13th a beautiful little baby girl was cut out of me, she was heaven sent
Mom and baby were sick as could be, but nothing that three months of good care wouldn’t cure
Today that little beauty is a healthy 29 years young
She’s made me proud each day of her life
So when people ask me if I’m superstitious, I proudly say “no” my first born was born on Friday the 13th at 7:13!
The 13th is my good luck day.

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